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Andrew Anthony Cooper

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Written By: Andrew Anthony Cooper

Our kiss on the balcony was the start of things to come
& our kisses at the gate made sure our meeting left undone
& our kisses held in private, my heart soul mind you’d won
& our kisses in good time ensured that cold feet didn’t run.

It’s our Tryst . . . . . . .
Love, Trust & Unbroken Promises.
Tryst . . . . . . .
Love, Trust & Unbroken Promises.
Kissin’ Talkin’ Feelin’ . . . .
Love, Trust & Unbroken Promises.

Our talks over meal time served to break the ice
& our talks on the phone helped bond and ad a bit of spice
& our talks we hold in private draw close & help entice
& our talks while we are kissing are ultimately nice

Our feelings set the signposts which we both try hard to read
& our feelings for each other is what helped to plant the seed
& our feelings while we are kissing & talking fire the feed
& our feelings help ensure we both get what we need

© Andrew Anthony Cooper 24/4/2005