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Andrew Balkwill

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Who is Andrew Balkwill?"

"Who is Andrew Balkwill?" I hear people cry! Andrew Balkwill is The Piano Man. For those of you lucky enough to have witnessed him on stage, you will understand... and for those of you who haven't (which will be the vast majority of you) you soon will.

I've seen him twice but I just can't get enough of him. He is Britain's answer to Ben Folds, but just twice as good!! It's Piano Rock which Britain hasn't seen since Elton John played with The White Stripes (I doubt this has ever happened - but you get the type of sound I'm getting at!) Keane...pah! Jamie Cullum... Jamie who?! ... Andrew Balkwill really is the real deal.

Although unsigned as yet, he has huge potential to climb further up the musical echelons. So catch him live now, up close and personal, before it's two years from now when the closest you'll be able to get to him will be 2 big butch bouncers and a sturdy metal railing away. - Yokolo Music

"Andrew Balkwill"

Andrew Balkwill is one of the UK's finest examples of how there is some absolutely amazing music out there, and no one knows about it. He seems, at the moment, to be gliding from bar to pub to the occasional venue, slowly accumulating a loyal following who are beginning to spread the word. A bit like the Pied Piper on steroids. The intriguing thing is that I don't think he actually realises just how good he is.

So, what is it?

Its Alternative Piano Pop, now don't get me wrong, I hate labels more than anyone else. When I say 'pop' I don't mean McFly, I mean popular music that is user-friendly enough to have mass appeal. Think Keane, mix in a little Maroon 5, inject an 8th of The Beatles, and you're pretty much there. Beautiful melodies played on the piano, accompanied with excellent vocals, and a rhythm that gives you a headache from the inability to NOT nod along to each song. - Sussex Music


Highs & Lows EP - 2009



I’ve been playing the piano ever since I can remember. We were a musical family where everyone played at least something, and you could pretty much find most instruments in the house. I always loved the piano, and although I play other instruments - guitar, trombone, bass and drums at a push, piano is the one instrument I kept coming back to.

I started writing songs when I was about seven. I had a piano teacher who would make me come up with an idea for him every week and get me to sit in on jazz sessions well out of my depth. But, although daunting, it increased my courage to get up and play.

After college I went straight to music school - The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, to study guitar, but in fact spent most of my time playing the piano.

I then moved up to London and started playing various gigs around town. I was spotted by Steinway & Sons and provided with sponsorship which has helped me to no end, and I am very grateful for all the support they have given me.

The music I write is essentially piano-driven pop music, following in the wake of the great piano based songwriters such as Elton John, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder. I love to write songs that are catchy, with a melody that you can sing, and are easy to remember.

My current aim is to get my music heard by more people, so if you like what I do - spread the word. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me so far.