andrew bees

andrew bees

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Andrew Bees is an exciting&powerful artist/singer/writer that explodes onto the stage with high energy&love of music.
A seasoned veteran of 20 years,Bees has a wide range of vocal talents&a youthful appearance drawing a wide range of fans.Having performed to many audiences Bees continues to thrill!


Like the majority of reggae singers, Andrew Bees comes from Kingston, Jamaica. He was born 1972 in Waterhouse area of Kingston. Andrew Bees started his young musical career writing lyrics praising Jah works. He began to sing early in his life among reggae all-star performers such as Derrick Duckie Simpson, Don Carlos, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Michael Rose, and Junior Reid of Black Uhuru. His popularity began in 1986, when he sang on the well-known program Colgate Cavity Fighters the emission appear to be a great success and the voice of Andrew Bees was now known all over Jamaica. His career then launched as he took a part in the Ghetto Bash Show on several occasions, in particular in 1993, where he accompany Bunny Wailer . The following year, he performed in the One Coils Festival, of Negril, which give him another dimension to his career.

He started to record songs such as Justice, Here Comes Black Uhuru and Warning, which made Andrew very popular on the radio stations all through Jamaica. He recorded with many different labels such as New Name, Muziks Castro Brown, High Times label and Marmalade label and Music Lion, Ras Records and Visual Sounds.

His solo career started out in Geneva, Switzerland in 1995. It was there in Geneva where he opened up for Israel Vibrations and The Roots Radics band. He also toured with groups like the Itals, and many others.

The launching of his first solo album Militant was in 1995 and in 1996, he did the festival of Vermont, preforming along side of Burning Spear and Sister Carol The young man held his own..

After only one decade of career, the talent of Andrew Bees was recognized by all. In 1997 Duckie Simpson asked him to become the principal singer of the group Black Uhuru. Andrew accepts and found himself as the lead vocalist of one of the greatest groups of reggae. The new Black Uhuru sound, it was then, Andrew Bees became the front man for Black Uhuru for nearly ten years

His first album with the legendary group, entitled Unification, by April 2000, Black Uhuru started to perform in and round Europe with Sly & Robbie and doing many festivals, like Summer Jam, Essentials and Spring Vibration.

In 2001, two albums are born Dynasty, recorded in studio and Dubbin' It Live, recorded in Palo Festival. In February 2004, Andrew decided to continue its career as a solo artist and came out with his second album, I-Ration, produced by Walter Fraser, released July 24, 2006, on the label Vizion Sounds.

Andrew Bees has toured all over the world with Black Uhuru and his solo career. He brought to the fans another way of keeping Jah works alive. Through out the years he has composed and produced many Jah spiritual and lyrical works. Andrew Bees faith of the Rastafarian spirituality is definitely heard through his music and lyrical content. Coming straight out of Jamaica, he is back to the reggae scene in California making his triumphant return with his soon to be released CD, Give Jah Thanks & Praises.




•1989 - Life In The Ghetto (New Name Muzik)
•1989 - Struggle & Strive (New Name Muzik)
•1994 - Bongo Nyabinghi (Roots Operator)
•1994 - Who No Love Jah (Roots Operator)
•1995 - Militant (Music Lion) - 2007 repress by Basic Replay (12")
•1995 - Concrete Jungle Feat Angie Angel (Music Lion)
•1995 - Beast Mentality (Features on a VA compilation)
•1996 - Congoman (Rootsman Productions)
•1996 - Lullaby Love (Rootsman Productions)
•1996 - Rejoice (Rootsman Productions)
•1998 - I Love King Selassie With Black Uhuru (Jammys)
•2006 - I And I Heard Your Songs (Vizion Sounds)
•2006 - People Get Ready (Vizion Sounds)
•2008 - Thanks & Prasie
•2009 - Smile on the Face of the Earth
•2009 - Kali
•2009 - Lighten Strikes

•1995 - Militant
•2006 - I-Ration

With Black Uhuru:

•1998 - Unification (Produced by King Jammys)
•2001 - Dynasty