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Andrew Corbett

Davis, California, United States | SELF

Davis, California, United States | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




""...good and peaceful memories...""

Back in the sixties I was a sailor in the Merchant Navy and when on look-out during the night I used to watch in wonder at the satellites as they crossed the night sky. Andrew Corbett's “Bright Blue Ball” brought those memories flooding back. When a writer and artist can evoke good and peaceful memories or feelings in his or her audience…then they have accomplished what they set out to do. Andrew Corbett is blessed with that ability. - Tom Lambert, The Independent Music Show, Ireland

""... emotive musical journey!""

Good folk vocals and gentle beats, point the listener towards a peaceful and emotive musical journey! - Terry J Hawke HFM (UK) Radio, Broadcaster/Producer

""sweet spirit of folk music""

Andrew Corbett keeps the sweet spirit of folk music through his own expressed forms of songwriting and inspirations. Music to lose the blues and drift away to a serene meadow. - Siva Chandran COO of Saintz & Sinnerz

""Bright Blue Ball" Video"

Watching the video of Andrew Corbett’s “Bright Blue Ball” conjured up images of what it was like in the ‘60s as we watched in awe, the NASA space launches on black and white TVs rolled into our classrooms for those breathtaking events. Corbett’s lyrics reflect that sense of wonder and that of the astronauts as they used the bright, blue ball of Earth to guide them home. Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, bass and a sweetly melancholy violin, Corbett’s gentle vocals provide the perfect backdrop to some of the most powerful moments of the United States’ exploration of the heavens. -

""... reminiscent of Paul Simon""

Andrew Corbett is a great example of the purity of songwriting in the Americana and folk genre. His sound is very gentle,
his melodies in combination with his lyrics create some of the most beautiful moods and messages reminiscent
of Paul Simon. Andrew will capture your soul and heart ! A must in your folk collection. -

"Andrew Corbett"

An incredible independent musician, with an enormous amount of talent, sure to make his mark in this business. - Danie Cortese Entertainment Inc.

"Minor 7th Short Takes -- September & October 2008"

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"Out Into the Dance". Self-released CD, June 2008.
"Bright Blue Ball". Self-released Single, May 2011.



Andrew Corbett

Singer – Songwriter – Musician

Based out of California USA, Andrew learned to sing and play guitar at a very young age. His early musical inspirations were artists such as John Denver, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan. His more enduring influences have been Dan Fogelberg, Kate Wolf, Bruce Cockburn and more recently, Richard Shindell. He remembers vividly his first stage performance at his high school talent show – where he received a standing ovation. This was the start of his life journey as a musician.

Andrew's favorite story to tell is of his first guitar, a lower-end guitar made by Ovation in the late 70's with an aluminum neck and fiberglass back. This was a good guitar with a nice sound, easy to play, and indestructible. Or so he thought, until he picked up its case from the baggage carousel in Guatemala City while on travel and the bag sagged at both ends. He should have known better, of course, than to send it through baggage check in a flimsy gig bag. But there it was, a guitar broken beyond repair that he couldn't bear to just throw away, but that was of no use to anyone. Or so he thought.

That guitar ended up being dispersed across the Guatemalan countryside like an offering of thanks for the incredible experience that he carried home from that country. The tuning gears, the bridge and the strings were re-purposed by local musicians. Its sunburst top was taken by a craftsman to be used in embellishing some woodwork. And the fiberglass and aluminum neck were accepted by a store owner in a remote town – no doubt converted into some unimaginable yet useful purpose.

Today, Andrew has a new guitar, used to create beautiful works of music inspired by his life's experiences. Andrew is a true craftsman in his own right. His song writing abilities are exquisite. His style is a combination of Folk and Americana. Andrew's lyrics are compelling and his melodies weave the listener in and out of passages that gleam with passion and pride. Interestingly enough, Andrew's hobby is gazing into the distant galaxies through his telescope. Perhaps he will discover his own rising star one day. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised. His music is being received very well.
Andrew dreams of having a devoted following and of performing for 'small yet appreciative' audiences around Northern California, and beyond. After many years of focusing on his day to day career, marriage and his first child, Andrew has picked up his guitar once again and is ready to share his music through his 2008 release entitled "Out into the Dance". This is a masterful work, sure to please any listener who appreciates pure and honest music.

Andrew Corbett would like to leave a legacy as an honest and uncompromising musician and songwriter. He aspires to co-write with one of his idols, Emily Saliers (of the Indigo Girls), and perhaps share a stage one day with Bruce Cockburn. In the meantime, one thing is for sure: he takes sheer pleasure in communicating his tales and timeless truths through his performances.

Today, you can catch him performing at coffee houses along the California coast line, and in his home town of Davis.

His new wonderful new single “Bright Blue Ball” has recently been released internationally and is receiving airplay in the US, Canada, and Australia. Stay tuned for more on this incredible artist.