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Katie's Song

Written By: Andrew Danielson

Did she send a little smile
For you to smile at me
Did she send a little love
For you to love me with
Did she send a little life
To bring into mine
Did she send a little laugh
For you to laugh with me

And did she hum amazing grace
On your way down
Did she sing the lullabye
I used to sing to her
Did she give you just one kiss
A kiss to give to me

I see her laughter in your eyes
Laugh just one more time
I feel her love from up above wrapped in every hug
And I feel my life come alive
with this heart your filling up

Chorus x 2

Read Your Mind

Written By: Andrew Danielson

You said you needed time
You said you need a chance to live your life
So I let you go
But sometimes it seems like you just dont know

What am I supposed to read your mind
Am I to try and stand this test of time
What am I supposed to do
When Im so in love with you

I want to come and take you away
Sweep you off your feet or beg you to stay
You hold my heart in your hand
So tell me will it ever beat again

Chorus x 3