Andrew Dorn

Andrew Dorn

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Andrew Dorn has grown up with music, and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. It is his heart, soul, and true passion. Through his music, he strives to be relatable, listenable, while also bringing something new to the table.


Andrew Dorn is a singer/songwriter from Allentown, PA. He currently lives in Boston, MA, where he's studying at Berklee College of Music, with hopes of becoming a contemporary writer and producer. He's primarily a drummer, but also sings and plays guitar, as well as piano.

Andrew has enjoyed music his entire life, growing up with roots in pop music, as well as punk, metal, rock, jazz, and funk. He took up piano as a child, drumming in middle school, as well as the guitar as more of a side instrument. While keeping with drumming in high school, he began to write songs from the guitar as well as the piano, for his pop rock band "All of the Above," which was rooted in his hometown of Allentown. The group played several local venues in their 4 year existence, with Andrew fronting the band on vocals and guitar.

In the summer of 2010, Andrew started an acoustic side project, where he started to explore other areas of music that he enjoyed writing, mostly revolved around acoustic pop songs. The band "All of the Above" split up once the 3 founding members, including Andrew, graduated from high school and went on to study in different areas of the country. Andrew's currently building up a following for his solo act and music in both Boston and Allentown.

Andrew's influences range from Justin Timberlake to Green Day, a very wide array of music that he tries to capture with one sound. Also greatly influenced by bands like The Fray, John Mayer, and Blink 182. He's an extremely dedicated and hardworking musician, and fully intends on making it his career and leaving his mark on this generation of music.


Hear Andrew's latest efforts here, as well as some older tunes.
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Set List

Mostly composed of a healthy mix of original songs and covers. Enjoys playing pop songs that people can sing along to, and enjoys getting the audience into the show.

Covers: Stacey's Mom, Girls and Boys, Hot N Cold, All the Small Things, The A Team, Love Song etc...

Originals: Fever, Headfirst, What It's Like, Last Time, Sunsets, Too Soon, Lost Inside Your Eyes, Lights Off, Don't Fall Asleep and more.