Andrew Douzanis

Andrew Douzanis

BandPopAdult Contemporary


Singer Songwriter from Memphis TN. Member of The Butchers.


it's another rainy day

Written By: andy douzanis

you said that you would call on sunday
i waited around till monday
walked around the pard to pass the time
i fixed the little hole in your chair
i don't even know why i care
i guess our conversation slipped your mind

it's another rainy day
ever since you went away
it's another rainy day
when are you coming home to stay

i smoked a pack of cigarettes
i guess i'm not ready to quit yet
guess i've got too much on my mind
there's something that i meant to say
so many words just slip away
there never seems to be enough time

she's too far from home

Written By: andy douzanis

i sent her flowers and a bottle of wine
called her on the telephone
i poured my heart out but i wasted my time cause she's too far from home

i wrote it all down rehearsed every line
but here i am all alone
if she could hear me she might give me a sign but she's too far from home

they say that home is where the heart is
well my heart is broke in pieces

if you see her tell her i'm waiting
tell her all the lights are on
i wanted to tell her before it's too late but she's too far from home

Pick Up A Stone

Written By: Andy Douzanis

Michael always tried to help is mom
They struggled to make ends meet
his dad left when he was five
and Michael drifted to the streets
his mama's tears only fueled the fire
of the rage in Michael's head
he tried to rob a Kroger store
but he got gunned down instead
So pick up a stone
pick up a stone if your conscience is clear, pick up a stone, pick up a stone and throw the first one here

Wendy lived alone downtown
no friends or family
she worked the late shift every night
at the firestone factory
she met a guy and had some fun
trying hard to fit in
but a crack habit and a screaming kid
is all that Wendy had in the end


Some things never change
they always try to blame
no one's hands are clean
their cold hearts can't be seen


The Look In Her Eye

Written By: Andrew Douzanis

What's the answer, to the question
is it true or is it a lie
will she stay or is she leaving
I can tell by the look in her eye

I thought I saw her in the shadows
in the arms of some other man
when the sun comes up in the morning
she's lying beside me again

take a knife and run it through me
but don' take my world and tear it apart
if it's the end than let me down easy
don't go on breaking my heart

when a man loves a woman
he can tell if she's living a lie
when a man loves a woman
he can tell by the look in her eye


Written By: Andrew Douzanis

Everywhere I go anyone can see
there's a big black cloud hanging over me
when the bottom falls out and disaster comes, it always falls on me no matter where I run

There's a bullseye right between my eyes
if the sky fell down I wouldn't be surprised
there's a bullseye written on my head
some times I think I'd be better off dead
earthquakes, driving wind, a plaque of locusts are moving in
bad luck, it's plain to see
there's big bullseye all over me

I wouldn't call it a distortion
when I say biblical proportions
fire and brimstone as far as I can see
yea the whole damn world is caving in on me

Midnight In Memphis

Written By: Andrew Douzanis

It's midnight in memphis
something strange in the air
a storm is brewing in the distance
the wind is blowing everywhere
it's midight in memphis
there's something strange happening there

There's a haze on the river
not a soul around
a warm breeze is blowing
there's something shaking underground
it's midnight in memphis
there's something funny going down

down, down, down the further I go
smoke rising up out of control
a crash of thunder coming like a shout
a bolt of lightning and the lights go out