Andrew F

Andrew F

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Young, Fun and easy to dance to! Its pop rock with pop punk undertones. So blast your speakers and groove!


Andrew F is a 21 year old who started making music at the age of 14. In the spirit of Dave Groal of “ The Foo Fighters” Andrew decided that, instead of staying in the background, he was destined to be in the Spotlight, in the eyes and ears of all his followers. By the time he was 17 he was Canada’s Number one emerging artist on the BILLBOARD Charts for 9 weeks straight! He has also gained Top10 status on BILLBOARDS HOT 100, competing with some of the biggest names in the industry like: Pink, Rihanna and Coldplay. Since the release of his debut Album “Reckless Abandon” this ambitious young singer songwriter has garnered attention from some of the most influential people in the Music Industry. This diverse collection of songs, which range from the intimate acoustic track “Just friends” to the powerful Pop-punk lead out single “The End”, showed the songwriting maturity and thought-provoking prowess of a teenager with experience beyond his years. This promising talented solo artist captivates and draws in every crowd! With his unique pop punk sound and high-energy live show, he rocks every stage at Every Venue. Upon arrival to Toronto, he rocked 2 showcases at “Canadian Music Week” in less than 24 hours, that caught the ears of Radio Programmers, Publishers and labels with his aggressive guitar hooks and catchy melody lines. With Much Music on board, adding his first Music Video for his Breakout single “ The End” Andrew F showed no signs of slowing down. He has relocated himself and his band to Toronto, Originally hailing from Calgary, to focus on the live show and summer touring. His success has allowed him to assemble a crack team, S.L. Feldman for booking, DMD for radio tracking, and the aggressive support by the Independent record label, Newboy Productions. The sky is the limit for this 21 year old with the desire and drives to reach his goals.

With release comes success and reception, His Debut single ‘The End’ had gone platinum in Canada and downloaded globally. His Fan base has been gradually getting larger and larger during his time in Toronto. Keeping busy playing shows, writing new songs and recording new demos, Andrew found his sound and songwriting maturing over time. With new influences and life experiences comes a new but still familiar sound. Ready to make another impact on the Canadian music industry, Andrew is ready to head into the studio again to record his second album ‘The Sophomore’ this time with stronger vocals, high energy, depth and hooks at every corner. With supercharged, high energy songs such as ‘Stand and Fight’ and the instant party classic ‘Weekend Heroes’ to a new depth in songwriting with songs such as ‘I see you’ get ready for a new Andrew F in 2012!

Gearing up for the new release of the new album, music videos and nation wide radio play, Andrew F is ready to take over the world, starting with Canada, then globally. It seems nothing can stop this young Canadian artist.


Andrew F - Reckless Abandon
Andrew F - The End

Set List

Stand And Fight
Damn She's Fine
I see you
Ready Set Go
Ready Set Go
Weekend Heroes