Andrew Garcia

Andrew Garcia


Right now I am alone in making music. I'd say the music feels very lonely because of this. The tempo of the music tends to stay slow, as at this point in my life I like to take my time saying just what I need to say. It's very American, rootsy yet confused.


I am Andrew Garcia. I am a solo singer-songwriter, having recently left the band that I had planned my life around for the past few years. I recorded a six song demo to try to prove to myself I could make it on my own. My musical influences are varied, but only a few really stand out on this set of recordings. There's some country, some blues, some folky feeling soft rock. Like I said before, very American in a musical sense. Lyrically the songs are personal, and all pretty straightforward. Anyway, while I do feel good about these songs, they only represent a small portion of who I am as an artist. They are all live recorded, just me and my guitar. More recordings will be coming soon I hope, maybe with a full band, maybe with an orchestra, I don't even know yet.


Theaster Emes - 2007 demo