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Andrew Geist

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We are contemporary in sound, and sometimes accapella. We use tracks only because we do not have a live band to back us up. Our sound is raw but solid. We perform great in person and really enjoy what we're doing. We make a great team.


My name is Jennifer Eastwood and I sing back-up vocals for Andrew Geist. I love performing on stage and when Andrew was looking for help a couple of years ago in his music making process, I was the only one who chimmed in and said, yes I would love to help! Since then, everytime I've gotten discouraged about making and performing music for a living, I would always call Andrew and ask him when our next recording session would be, or if he was done with this or that song. He loved this and it greatly encouraged him to keep writing music. I've performed since I was in about the 4th grade for school musicals and programs and most of the time seemed to get a solo or be in a small group. My favorite music to sing would obviously be Andrew's style of music, broadway, folk, jazz, and classical. I was born and raised in Vancouver, Wa. and came to Fresno, Ca. for college which is also where I met Andrew, in choir. Some of my passions are to travel (because I love it and have done a lot already), and be a performer in music, acting, and modeling.
My name is Andrew Geist I have been in Fresno CA, for 12 years. I have been singing my whole with my church and Family. I am currently working on my musical education in college and seeking a professional career for when I graduate. I have been writing music for the 12 years I have been in Fresno. I write Contemporary Christian music. However, I sing multi-genre songs. I enjoy singing almost as much as writing music. I have been singing with Jennifer for about 5 years now an we have an excellent working relationship and we communicate well when we are singing together. We have also gain a really good blend over the years. I am currently still writing music, but I am on a stand still with my next album due to time constraints with school, but I am going to be jumping on it soon.


Behind Heaven's Gates

Written By: Andrew Geist

Here I am on heaven’s gates, my time has come to pass
I see so many smiling faces, some are from my past
As I hear them say “you’re welcome to this place”
I turn and look and I fall down and cry at what I see

At heaven’s gates I see my new home
At heaven’s gates I know I’m not alone
And along that road I feel a warm embrace
And then I see my father’s face
And I hear him say “well done my child
You fought the fight and won the prize that waits”
Behind heaven’s gates

As I walk through those open gates I smile at what I see
Golden streets and silver streams and things made just for me
And as I walk along I hear a lovely sound
I turn and run to what I hear and join the angels’ song

We sing hal - le lu - jah
praise the father three in one
We sing hal - le lu - jah, ‘cause God alone is mighty

Mary's Lament

Written By: Andrew Geist

I see my son, and I hear the crowd.
Call out his name, and say crucify him.
As I watch him fall, from the weight of his cross.
I look in his eyes and see more weight than just a cross.

But I know there is more than what my eyes can see,
Oh father in heaven, Lord can you hear me…

My God, why have you forsaken my son?
Why have you led him to die on that cross?
And why must I stand here and suffer this loss?
As I watch him die, I can’t help but cry.
My God, why have you forsaken my son?

I see my son struggle to breath,
As I fall to my knees, I try not to grieve.
As I watch the blood run down his face.
I think of the times that he spoke of your grace.

E’-li, E’-li, la’-am sabach’-tha-ni?
Is what he says, Father why must he die.

“It is finished “ is what he cries, as he lays down his head, And He dies.
Oh, Father in heaven is this why he came,
Is this why you told me that Jesus was his name?

My Child

Written By: Andrew Geist

Life is hard and you’ve lost your way
And you don’t know if you will ever feel the same
But in the darkness God is calling to your heart

Oh my child please don’t cry
Don’t run and hide from all you are
Cause you’re not alone and there’s an angel by your side
child, please don’t cry

You have been beaten and left to die inside
And you don’t know if you will ever survive
But through the pain and tears God reaches for your heart

There will be brighter days when God shines down his grace
Let his love comfort you and show you mercy too
So keep pressing on and you will find your place
Inside God’s loving arms


I'm Home - 2007 - Title Track*
In God's Heart - 2007*
A Touch of Heaven - 2007*
It Was You - 2007*
Memoirs To God - 2007*
My Child - 2007*
Mary's Lament - 2007*
A Theif's Cry - 2007*
Behind Heaven's Gates - 2007*
The * indicates No radio airplay or streaming of anykind, other than myspace.

Set List

Our sets consist of the songs on my home released album "I'm Home" Which is all the songs that are on my discography.
We have covers for disney love songs such as,
"A Whole New World" - Aladdin, "Right Where I Belong" - Hercules, "Better Than I" - Prince of Egypt (Dreamworks)
Also cover's of some broadway, peices in Music Man, Wicked, RENT and Fiddler on the Roof.
We have also done popular songs like in the Contemporary Christian genre such as, "God Blessed the Broken Road" -Rascall Flatts, "Beautiful Soul" - Jesse McCartney, "What Hurts the Most" Rascall Flatts.