Andrew Rose Gregory

Andrew Rose Gregory

 New York City, New York, USA

One time Ralph Murphy, the vice-president of ASCAP, heard Andrew play a song. He looked Andrew in the eye and simply said: "Good sh*t!"


"Good Sh*t"
- Ralph Murphy, VP of ASCAP Nashville

"Look no further than Andrew Rose Gregory to find a youthful version of John Prine...immensely talented."
- C.ville Magazine, Charlottesville, VA

"Far beyond what one usually sees..this act is going places. Book 'em while you can still afford 'em."
- Dave Roberston, Director of Student Programs, Appalachian State University

"The Color Red & Other Songs About the Power of love is phenomenal...the highwater mark of a young career." - Morgan King, President of Yerbird Records.

Andrew Rose Gregory at the Bluebird Cafe:

Andrew Rose Gregory is proud to present 'The Color Red & Other Songs About the Power of Love,' a shockingly beautiful album about the good & evil love can do. Full of songs that will break your heart & put the pieces back together, it features 9 duets with 9 different musicians, filling the record with different sounds & flavors while leaving the record with a simple continuity. And the songs? They shine. Already drawing comparisons to Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska,” Tom Wait’s early recordings, and the work of a young John Prine, the album has been hailed by critics as “phenomenal...the highwater mark of a young career.”

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Andrew grew up among the creeks & crawdads of Southwest Virginia. His family left the house unlocked, but whenever he did manage to get locked out he’d just walk into the neighbors’ kitchen to get the spare key out of a white wicker basket. He went to a Quaker college near Philadelphia where he found out - much to his surprise! - that he resembled a genteel Southerner in Yankee company. He’s a talker but the best 6 weeks of his life were spent in a Vietnamese monastery studying with Thich Nhat Hanh. He legally changed his middle name for five top-secret reasons, and has the courthouse documents to prove it. And last but not least, he’s starting to tour all the time & loves it - finding that his simple songs, brimming with belief & hope, are touching hearts& changing lives everywhere he plays.

Right before the release of his second record, 'The Lost Year,' Andrew was on top of the world. He had a new album in hand, a three month cross-country tour with his band ‘The Gregory Brothers’ in the works, a supernaturally strong romance that had grown out of a chance meeting & dozens of love letters exchanged, and the best friends in the world wandering in & out of his Brooklyn apartment. By the end of one whirlwind week at the beginning of a seemingly sun-less June, however, Andrew found himself babe-less (dumped on a Paris park bench!), friendless (they moved to El Salvador while Andrew was out of town!), and left only with his guitar and a few sad songs.

He had dreamed of recording a solo EP at the end of The Gregory Brothers tour, but as the tour stretched out, his heartbreak sprouted songs. Before he knew it, Andrew had a full length record on his hands. He eventually realized he had stumbled across something truly special, and went in to The Buddy Project - the same studio that hatched Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Illinoise’ - to record 'The Color Red & Other Songs About the Power of Love' over three wintry December days. He left with a record that leaves you holding your breath listening until you come up gasping for air.

Andrew has played some of the best rooms across the counry, including The Knitting Factory (NYC), The Mercury Lounge (NYC), Pete’s Candy Store (Brooklyn), The Tin Angel (Philly), The Bluebird (Nashville), The Cave (Chapel Hill), Starr Hill (Charlottesville), Uncommon Ground (Chicago), Momo’s (Austin), & dozens of colleges. He has also been a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Writer-in-Residency, and had the pleasure of teaching songwriting at the University of Virginia’s Young Writers’ Workshop for four summers, as well as at high schools, colleges, and workshops across the country.


April 2005: "Andrew Gregory"
Summer 2007: "The Lost Year"
February 2008: "The Color Red & Other Songs About the Power of Love"

Set List

My set list is usually comprised all of originals, although I like to throw some covers in depending on the audience & venue. I can play a great set in as short a span of time as 30 minutes, prefer to play for around an hour, and can play for as long as three.