Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall


I write a lot of my songs on acoustic guitar.When the band gets hold of it, it becomes kind of quirky story telling rock. My music comes from within, I stand before you,I'm here to entertain you and share my music with you.


Many songwriters and musicians have influenced us. You can't beat a good song that gets you in with melody and emotion. I strive for this combination in my songs. I have a band that believes in the songs and we love to play to anyone who'll listen


abandoned taxi

Written By: Andrew Hall

I was seventeen when I landed in New York City
This guy from jail showed me to my hotel
Twenty bucks a night,local wrestling on TV
I took a walk to the Empire State Observatory
You're there,I'm here,in my Rio Hotel room

I bought a pencil from this guy down on Fifth Avenue
Watched some breaking in Times Square,I gave them some money too
Maybe I was naive but I just kept on walking strong
Nothing could harm me,I was young,I could do no wrong
You're there,I'm here,in my Rio Hotel room

New York, New York, New York, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge took me all the way across the river
I could see it all,just a mass of buildings in the sky
Abandoned taxi,grafitti,shoe shine,subway stair
The World Trade Centre standing as a solid pair
I'm free,to be me,in my Rio Hotel room........


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