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Andrew Halliday

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Andrew Halliday was born to Paul and Janet Halliday on Decmeber 7,1985 the second of two child Andrew Paul and Luciana Lynn. Growing up a happy child with a typical healthy family spending summers in the Adirondacks and at the family cottage on lake Ontario. Andrew took violin piano cello tuba lessons, Music was always a commodity and common place in the Halliday family but it wasn’t until Andrew discovered guitar that it because necessity.
At the prime age of 13, Andrew was introduced to the eclectic guitar, a cheap Stratocaster style beginners pack setup a neighborhood friend had received as a gift. He recalls " that spring of 98 changed me maybe just a little but it grew exponentially from there. Justin a boy who lived up block had this cheap guitar his parents bought him it came with a practice amp he had little musical background but enjoyed making the noise. We set it up in his front yard on a left over sheet of plywood under the tree house we had built a few weeks earlier. The twang the buzz, it snatched my curiouity and instantly, brought me back to the local band shows my family used to attend at the Fairmount municipal building. We could hear them from my house but much of the community used to bring lawn chairs out and listen in the courtyard every so often when there was a mild summer night. I had little understanding of the radio or music business and thought the songs I heard were the same people on the radio and I loved it. The moment I held the poorly tuned cardboard cutout of a guitar and turned the volume knob I felt like I was one of them. When I got home I begged for one I made my parents take me to Hills department store to find a reasonably price package but they weren’t buiyin' it. Since I had played so many other instruments in the past with little devotion they assumed it was the flavor of the month and the phase would soon pass. It didnt i called my cousin asked if i could "barrow" her old guitar. My dad remembered how his brother inlaw used to play though a record player receiver and we went to RadioShack bought the necessary connector adapters to convert my guitar into a phono input signal found an old radio tuner recovered from the garage and I was on my way".

“Hearing my fathers voice inspired me like no one else and I secretly listened to his tape mimicking him. If he knew I was snooping in his shit…. I feared that… “

Andrew learned much of the fundamental skills from his father who himself played a bit in his younger days. It wasn’t until Andrew discovered an old tape of his father playing John Denver’s Back Home Again in the “no kids aloud drawer” where he kept lighters choking hazards and such“ Hearing my fathers voice inspired me like no one else and I secretly listened to his tape mimicking him. If he knew I was snooping in his shit ……I feared that but when he heard me singing it one afternoon he must have known , he gave me his mini tape recorder he used at work and I began playing and playing it back really juast trying to sound like the people I was listening to, when the internet came ohh man it was like a shot of lightening to my fingers. I had access to all the music I had heard on the oldies radio and the music I hear my sister listening to through my bedroom walls when I was tyrin to sleep. Her musical interests had a immense impact on my growing into my own music connoisseur there was a lot of Dave Matthews and Ben folds around” With the internet Andrew taught himself song after song he once perceived the idea of learning 350 songs in one year as long as he pick one up each day it lasted a few weeks but the novelty of the idea suffered eventually .

Year 2000, high school and hormones and the first fender Stratocaster opened his eyes to the blues and one of his greatest influential heroes Stevie Ray Vaughan. “ I remember hearing his version of Little Wing and bringing friends into my room to listen to it and they just couldn’t take it in like I was. Any song over four minutes for them was unthought-of. I felt his notes and I my face squinted in paint and joy. I understood the blues and the next pivotal influence on his writing and playing, girls” .
First penned “hey little lady was about a girl, Carolyn Miller from Rochester NY a city an hour away. “We met through a friend who was dating her cousin Kate. She had blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes, I instantly was taken in . We spent maybe 3 days together and had to part. It was when I realized my life can be like the songs of those musicians I looked up to and thus born the troubadour within. I dreamt of riding my mountain bike 60 miles to see her in the night ….I guess it wasn’t true love cause I never made it to Rochester”

“At the time the lax team was the beez neez. That gave me some gym class street cred“.

That year he also began school at West Genesee Senior High, starting out shy but getting by. By age 15 his parents finally bought him his f