Andrew Hoover

Andrew Hoover


Thought provoking lyrics etched by the soul infused with acoustic tones from the heart.


Hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut, singer/songwriter Andrew Hoover has most recently moved his act to Oxford, Ohio where he is enrolled at Miami University. There he has played in local venues including Brickstreet, Stadium, Kofenya, Studio 13 and the Uptown Oxford Park. In addition to sharing the stage with artists such as Dave Barnes and Kate Voegele, this spring Andrew was the finalist in the Acoustic Infusion Original Songwriting Contest, an event sponsored by Z 93, the ..1 rock station in Dayton, Ohio. He was invited to play on the stations morning show where he was interviewed followed by a live performance of Half Eaten Moon. Although Andrew takes his cues from Martin Sexton, Dave Matthews, Keller Williams, and Raul Midon, his originality pours through in imagistic, thought-provoking lyrics and an innovative guitar style infusing both lead and rhythm guitar into one. His wide range of influences is apparent in his unique and varied repertoire and endearing performances. If you're in a town where Andrew is performing, make it a point to check him out; quite remarkably he has been known to woo audiences, play the guitar and sip on an espresso all at the same time.


Andrew currently has a demo in circulation entitled "Pipe Dream Tales".

Back in March 2006, Half Eaten Moon was featured on Dayton, OH Z-93 Radio station during a live performance on the morning show.

Set List

Andrew usually plays any where from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Depending on how he feels, he will either play one set straight through or split the time into two different sets.