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Footsteps in the Snow

Written By: Andrew Scharfe

Love was all we had and all we needed
We were the lucky ones
Nothing else mattered
We gave all that we had, it was all we wanted
Nothing could come between us
We were so wrong

We held on to the hope that you'd feel better
We were looking for a miracle
We would have done anything
We struggled through the pain and all the suffering
I didn't want to let go but that choice wasn't mine

I recall that winter day
When you slipped away from me
You closed your eyes for the last time
As I held your hands in mine
And the snow came falling down
A white blanket on the ground
As I stumbled my way home, I heard your footsteps in the snow

Faith was all I had, it kept me going
In the weeks that followed, I tried to be so strong
I held on to our love, and to the memories
I kept my promise
It wasn't easy

And the mourners gathered 'round, shivering without a sound
I was overcome with sadness but I did not shed a tear
As the night becames so cold and the last few hurried home
As I followed on my own, I heard your footsteps in the snow

Now that time has healed my pain
Winter doesn't bother me
And I won't forget our love
It will always be a part of me

As the autumn leaves fall down
And they scatter on the ground
Then I know that winter's coming and you won't be here with me
And as winter rushes in, I walk to places where we've been
Even though I walk alone, I hear your footsteps in the snow

You said you'd never leave, you'd always be there
And I believed you
I still do