Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy

 New York, New York, USA

Stand combines heartfelt energy and excellent song craftmanship to deliver songs that range from loud and gritty to mellow and dramatic. Their combination of 2 very harmonic vocalists over hookie guitar lines provide a breath of fresh air in a music world full of mundane rock and puffy pop.


Andrew Kennedy was born in Bogota, Colombia, has lived in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Hong Kong, United States and is completely fluent in Spanish. After being invited to perform as a "Master" at the Montreal Comedy Festival, he made a deal with CBS television to develop, produce and star in his own sitcom called Related by Marriage which was shot at the Sony Studios, Los Angeles and based on his comedy. He is a storyteller who weaves the characters from his life throughout his entire performance. Each performance is electric, inspiring and unique, with his material growing and evolving as does his life. His half-hour special is currently airing on Comedy Central and was voted in the top twenty by viewers for two years in a row!! He has begun performing completely in Spanish in the New York City area and the reaction has been amazing. A true Hispanic performer, Andrew's greatest accomplishments are yet to come.

Set List

A 60 minute set