Andrew Kitzman

Andrew Kitzman


I’m a singer/songwriter who can actually sing! I have a very rhythmic style comparable to Ani Difranco and an writing style similar to Dave Matthews. I have alot of variety within my songs but they are all "acoustic"


Hi, my name is Andrew and I have been writing music for 5 years now. I just moved to Seattle because I've finally made the choice to persue my music career.

I have always been interested in music. Everyone in my family played music, except my mom :), and I wanted to be able to sit in and play with my dad, brothers and sister.

I am the youngest of four kids so I had a chance to listen to alot of different music from my older siblings. From Tori Amos, to Metallica, to John Prine, and Ani Difranco.

When I decided to play guitar it was my dad who first sat me down and helped me through that first wall (How the hell do you get your fingers to do that?!?) and since then I’ve been lucky enough to sit in with dozens of patient and amazing teachers and it's only recently that I've felt comfortable enough to get out there and play MY songs!

It's hard to describe your own work...but I think my songs pull strong influences from Dave Matthews, and Ani Difranco. I use alot of Major 7ths and alot of intense rhythms to make up for my lack of a drummer. I try to write about anything that I see happening around me. I used to only see things as the people I that’s what I wrote about. But now as I look around me in this beautiful city I have been writing more about people, politics, society, and the big question.

Check out the songs, drop me an e-mail at at-

Thanks for your time...enjoy the music!



Set List

Mostly original. Sometimes I’ll do a couple covers, mostly Dave Matthews, John Mayer, or other similar artists. A set of origional music runs about 1 hour.

Feeling Down
Right Things
Technical Error
Song #0*
Song #1*
song #3*
song #4*
song #7*
song #8*
song #10*
song #11*

* these are new songs without a title yet