Andrew Laviolette

Andrew Laviolette


I play soft folk with subtle alt. country roots. "My voice; it is quiet, but if you listen close, it echoes. My hand; it strums softly, with simple textures, it mellows". I write songs after I've written them.


I plug in, I sound check, I mumble a hello, I start a heavy liquid strumming and I wait for the moment when the guitar tells me its ready. I then open myself to the sounds that are inside me, and as I move the chords through the room I begin to let the song sing itself.

I have always known music to be one of the stronger things I could share with others. I play music because I see it as a universal communicator; sound not reliant on language to be understood, but rather a feeling that draws people in and allows them the opportunity to feel the rhythm that connects us all.

I am influenced by the great story tellers, the weathered elders, and those that play music for others.

I am currently enjoying the song-writing of Jim James, Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake, Hayden and Broken Social Scene.

I play music because it feels good. I know you listen to it for the same reason.


I'll See Ya Later

Written By: Andrew Laviolette

Oh I'll see ya later
Another black night
I will trust a favor
Under the moonlight
Don't miss the count
Or be one step over
I'll drag along
Just be sure to tell her.

Got a girl that loves me
With eyes just like the sunlight
She laughs just like a flower yea

The Liars

Written By: Andrew Laviolette

The miner's are falling short this time.
Failure is all thats on their minds/
They're tired, from all the shadowed light.
So this time, they whistle; and hope it goes all right.

And they ask us, what do we think of pain?
We try their words for justice, but lose ourselves in vain.
This familiar settings draining, and its far too hard to see.
Another stronger way of thinking, that doesn't start with "me".

The liars, are all outside tonight.
They're scheming and teasing, behind the firelight.
And they're spitting, in everybody's face.
They make sure, to hide their eyes and always push the pace.

One Last Burnt Out Try

Written By: Andrew Laviolette

It's the smiles at the end of the rainbow.
It's the songs that I thought I didn't know.
It's the stones outside of your window.

It's the last look I extend your way.
It's a snowflake at the end of May.
It's the words I know I didn't say.

It's the sunshine burning my eyes.
It's the rain-clouds spotting the sky.
It's my one last burnt out try.


Home Recordings of Originals.

Set List

1. What I'm Thinking - Original
2. When You Got It All - Original
3. I'll See Ya Later - Original
4. Exploring You - Original
5. One Last Burnt Out Try - Original
6. The Liars - Original

Cover Tunes I Enjoy Playing:
1. Waitin' Round to Die - Townes Van Zandt
2. Fort Worth Blues - Steve Earle
3. Bermuda Highway - My Morning Jacket
4. Looks Just Like the Sun - Broken Social Scene
5. Devils and Dust - Bruce Springsteen

Sets usually last about 45min - 1 hour.