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Andrew Malone

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The best kept secret in music


"The Andrew Symphony"

What do you get when you start with orchestra concept, stretch it, squeeze it, and add a little grit and tech and blend it? The answer is Andrew Malone's latest brainchild ...The Amber Symphony "Five Points of a Star." Simple ... clean ...straight forward thinkin' music and the kind of music you like to drive to ... would best describe this project as Andrew has composed it. This music stands ready and on its own for just about anything ... film score, commercial, or it's own genre.

The story behind Andrew Malone begins with an internet favored "Page 3" band, which ranked on the billboard charts twice and was featured on Jenny Jones breaks. Andrew played bass and led the business of the band. His desire to arrange and experiment with his own style of music called him out on his own.

Andrew is influenced by most genres of music including classical ... boredom sets in though at mundane ... so he makes sure it pops! You'll hear house, and techno and just as you get comfortable with the familiar there is a surprise waiting for you in Andrew's arrangements ... he drops you into a pool of sound straight out of his mind to make the trip a lot more interesting for you!

This new guy on the block is talented ... He favors the big four string, however is accomplished at guitar and drums. His reference points are expanding daily ... At 23 years old, he is having fun trying to blow your mind ... we think you will agree ... This guy has got game. - Spike Riel - Rockerfeller Communications


Five Points Of A Star (LP) - released 2nd quarter of 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Music possesses a raw power and energy when captured with the right elements. It goes beyond music theory and chord sequences; it has to be captured inside the human soul. Music must have the sense of the human spirit. Flesh and bones before it may be digitally transposed into sequences and patterns. It has become my goal with The Amber Symphony to give my music a brain, heart, and soul.

In the sense of human emotions and characteristics, I think the word contradiction expresses the outline of The Amber Symphony best. Balance is formed through contradiction; contradiction is the theme of The Amber Symphony’s spirit. Music deserves to be dramatized and exploited. I have been searching and experimenting with different soundscapes and layers to expose The Amber Symphony with an array of textured harmonies, emotions, and balance.

My name is Andrew Malone. I am twenty-three years old and the conductor of The Amber Symphony; A symphony of sound where synthesizers run fluidly through organic strings, woodwinds, and horns. I have dedicated my entire life to music in an array of genres. I was born with a bow in my hands and later found myself with a large four stringed instrument; playing for a nationally recognized rock band. I now translate my passion for music through the diverse sounds of The Amber Symphony. I hope that you enjoy it!