Andrew Mann

Andrew Mann


Andrew is an Australian Born prolific songwriter and singer drawing from a great deal of inspiration from his own life experiences.


From the moment I could strum my first chord, I was drawn to the infinite possibilities of sound and the words they evoked.

That constant challenge that every song presents of finding a melody and fitting the words to it are what I Love. Every song is a new challenge that I never tire of, because it is a journey of discovery that is creative.

I have wondered though, with all that I have gone through in pursuing music, why an artist must bleed from their soul to have it recognized, accepted and make a living from it....but that is life's journey and lesson.

It makes you value what you have, and appreciate all that you achieve. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, I had an ideal childhood with a beautiful, Loving family around me, and all the time to write songs, I know....I was blessed.

But I have also lost on the Father to bowl cancer. It often seems that what life gives in one hand, it takes in another. To watch him take his last breath was the hardest thing to endure, and it broke me, but with time and the constant, never ending Love and support of my Mother and Sister, I fought my way back.

And it is music that helped me find the way.

Music to me is magic. You cannot see it, but it can move the world. It can touch you in a place where nothing else will reach you. It is carried within people and forever connected to their memories. It can say what words often fail to express. It will unite you and bring you to tears of joy. It will inspire you and never grow old or tired, but always be there for you unfailingly when you need it most.

That is the magic I dedicate my life to. Still, a singer needs an audience, and a song needs an ear. So I thank you with all my heart for yours.
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Power of Sound Produced by Daniel Jones of Savage Garden