andrew martinet

andrew martinet

BandHip Hop

Andrew Martinet's craziness for Christ, his passion for rap, created a unique style that is like none youve ever heard. With crazy crunk beats, that no doubt have a bit of southern influence in them, he rides with the passion of a positive message. GET CRAZY FOR CHRIST!!!


Andrew Martinet always loved the southern style of rap but never liked what it represented. He tried listening to Christian rap, and although he liked what they were saying, he didn't like how they said it. Often looking for that one Christian rapper that could hold his own in the mainstream world, that everyone looked to and saw God's light shine, he realized God had actually given him the talent to be the leader he was looking and waiting for someone else to be. In June 2005, Andrew started working on his first Christian album. By December, he had his first show and that lead to other contacts leaving him booked with shows for 6 months straight.
While getting contacts and meeting the right people, Andrew Martinet is making the "Jesus Christ Crews'" presence know, and leaving every crowd doing the "Jesus Stomp"!!!



Set List

3-5 tracks
approx. 20 min