Andrew Mitchell Music

Andrew Mitchell Music


Andrew Mitchell Music is an acoustic singer songwriter who plays with well produced tracks to give his show a very high energy "full band" feeling. His sound has been compared to that of Ed Sheeran, Owl City, Andrew Allen and Joshua Radin.


Referring to Andrew Mitchell Music solely as an acoustic artist is quite the understatement. Having spent years in the punk scene, his show is full of energy and comical banter you don't usually expect from a bearded guy with an acoustic guitar. Since his first EP in 2010 (Let's keep Going), he has found the sound that is right for him. Now integrating well produced tracks, including synth, strings and piano, into his newest EP (Heart Armour) and live show, he is sure to catch everyone's attention on his first Canadian tour.


Let's Keep Going (2010)
Heart Armour (2012)

Set List

Hey Jenny
Adele Cover
Carousel Ride
Me, Minus Myself
Heart Armour
Untitled (July)
My Turn Now