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Andrew Morrison Biography

Andrew’s love for music started at an early age (no he is not the illegitimate son of Jim or Van). Lying flat on his back after surgery on his right eye his parents bought him a copy of the Beatles Sergeant Peppers and the Beach Boys- Pet Sounds LPs. Unable to move with both eyes taped shut he fell in love with a sound that was destined to change his life.

At age ten Andrew dabbled with the clarinet, piano and a snare drum but something wasn’t quite right. He knew what he needed was a guitar. After purchasing his first electric guitar with his paper route money, Andrew spent his teen years studying music from Led Zeppelin to Miles Davis. He became interested in just about every style of music he could get his hands on.

After graduating from Musicians Institute in Hollywood at age nineteen, Andrew went on to form several bands that played venues all over Southern California. Through the years and a variety of musical explorations, Andrew’s focus has always remained on songwriting.

His songs have earned him awards in different categories of song contests including:
• John Lennon (top 10 - Rock)
• Unisong (1st place - Country)
• Songwriters Association of Washington ( 2nd place - Adult Contemporary)
• John Lennon ( top 4 finalist - Country)
• The Great American (top 5 – Pop/Rock)
• John Lennon ( top 4 finalist - Country)

Andrew is also a published songwriter in Nashville with two songs cut and awaiting release.

Better Fiction is a collection of songs that encompass a variety of musical styles. From the pop/rock sounds of Isabelle and Everlasting Girl, the acoustic vibe of November Connection and Reason to Change, to the more jazzy subdued songs like Better Fiction and The Great Unknown. “I couldn’t limit myself to just one style. Why would I do that? Music means so many different things to me. I feel that I have made a record of style and substance with a melodic thread running through the whole thing”.