Andrew Newton

Andrew Newton

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Imagine Rush, Neil Young, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Fleetwood Mac take a weekend trip to Cape Breton to watch late night cartoons.


Imagine sitting around a beach fire in the Maritimes, ready to play some songs with s'mors and a beer, when out of nowhere a back-up band appears. Funky drummer, slappa-da-bass, guitar ranging from heavy chunk to groovy vibe to atmospheric, the occasional Celtic mandolin. And your back-up singers are straight from the realm of musical theatre. Add to this 30 years-plus of playing experience, and you just may get a sense of what Andrew brings to the table.

A Caper by birth, Andrew has been involved in the performing arts since he picked up his first set of drumsticks at the age of 10. He’s a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC, was musical director/ performer for Grafton St. Dinner Theatre and a substitute drum instructor for the Canadian Conservatory.

Acts that Andrew has backed up on drums (and sometimes guitar and bass) both live and in the studio include:

Frisky Biscuit, Jon Matheson, Kate Proctor, Tequila, Risyn, Kevin MacDonald, Dammien Alexander, Vagrant Hitchhiker, Sourdough Symphony, Troy Arsenault, Ian Sherwood, Nic Swales, Cash Only (Johnny Cash Tribute), Dark Horse, GreenHorn, Barnaby Jones, Black Gold Victim, The Outlaws, and Wee Boy Pretty.


Find Me

Written By: Andrew Newton

Early Tuesday morning, get out of the haze
Whistle in the window, I’m still in a daze

Everyday I think about tomorrow
And tomorrow about today, the things that I could say
Still I wonder can I make a difference
The city streets say know, your eyes will let me know

You will find me, I’m right in front of you
You will find me, I’m in front of you

Newsmen let in more than they realize
Burning oil and black smoke fill the sand and skies

We don’t think too fondly of our enemies
We don’t see things from their side, things would change if we tried
Cars exploding, mad men in their castles
And strapped into the chair, bombs bursting in the air

You can’t find me, I’m across the desert plane
You can’t find me, I’m across the pla

All The Same

Written By: Andrew Newton

Once in summers gone by as the sun hung above / Watched the clouds in the sky, course we talked about love / How it had come to neither one, it wasn’t fun but still we kept praying / “You’re a real nice guy” / Least that’s what you were saying. / Seems the day’s are so long, sun don’t go down ‘til ten / Still, we sit in the shade, start all over again / I realize it’s in your eyes, a big surprise. That’s when I stopped talking. / “You’re a real nice guy” / Then you started walking. Love songs can be hard to take when you know what they mean / One boy demands an answer, one man controls the scene / One girl dreams the impossible, one woman begs for the end / It’s all the same to you and me, by you and me, for you and me. / All the leaves have fallen and the sky turns to grey / Old familiar refrains are all we have to say / The dream is gone; it’s been so long, I must be wrong. And so we just stay here / “You’re a real nice guy” / I don’t want to be here.

Deny The Sun

Written By: Andrew Newton

I thought I saw these words
I’ll read them again a little more slowly
And take better care in what they say.

To some, they speak the truth
To others, they read a lot like a fiction
And some just wish they’d go away.

Those on the right see only beauty there
A beauty they’ll never know
But I’m not one to follow only pretty words
And poetry of times gone by
Lay buried down below.

The sun is finally up
A millions years of dark and the cold and
My eyes are hurting from the light.

I can’t deny the Sun
While others prefer to live in the shadows
And are awakened by the night.

Though we have left the caves to touch the moon
Our eyes watching further still
I’ll never understand the thinking that
We’re better in the dark-lit caves.

I guess I never will.


This Is My Theory (2005)
The Punchbowl Sessions EP (2007)
What It Is, Too (2012)
We Have Left The Caves (2013)

Set List

Original Songs:

Crying (For Victoria)
Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice
Just One Line
Every Wave
The Jerk
Find Me
All The Same
Cardinal Sin
King & 7th/ Big House Breakdown
Goodnight Vancouver, Love Margaret
Deny The Sun

Some cover songs include:
Don't You Forget About Me
Running Down A Dream