Andrew Paley

Andrew Paley


Pulling from a wide array of influences -- from New Order to Nick Drake -- Andrew Paley is creating a body of work that takes equally from folk, alt-country, post-punk, indie rock and other sounds he finds along the way.


It used to be called Paper Tigers. But for reasons as much to do with legal battles as personal preference, it's morphed into something less metaphorical -- and a bit more personal: Andrew Paley. A given name.

Whatever you call it, the roots of the project go back more than two years, and in unexpected ways has taken on a life of its own. It started with a misfit: songs and recordings that didn't fit with Andrew Paley's band, The Static Age. Between tours and in search of a more immediate voice, Paley wrote and tracked a series of songs (many with friend Matt Squire -- producer of Panic! at the Disco, Boys Like Girls, TREOS, The Cancer Conspiracy, The Explosion, and many more). They evolved and emerged into something he couldn't have done in other forums or formats -- a series of moments captured in the "White Rooms" sessions -- a slew of songs made formally available in the Fall of 2007 (with a followup set scheduled for release in mid-2008).

The first step is underway: the limited CD and worldwide digital release of two albums -- "White Rooms" and "Songs for Dorian Grey" on Paley's own label, Primary Records ("White Rooms" on September 25th, 2007 -- "Songs for Dorian Grey" in 2008).

The next is anyone's guess.


White Walls (3-song EP, Spring 2007)
White Rooms (Full length album, Fall 2007, Primary Records)
Songs for Dorian Grey (Full length album, expected Summer 2008, Primary Records)

Set List

Set list varies on set, but can run anywhere from 8 to 15 songs. It's an even mix of new material and what's heard on the album(s).