Andrew Rittenhouse

Andrew Rittenhouse

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Earthstep - Using organic sources in combination with synthesis to create EDM flavors that are unique and complex.


Andrew Rittenhouse is a House/dubstep/orchestral artist with some leftover rock influence. He graduated with a degree in Sound Design from Emerson college and maintains an avid desire to put his music into motion picture. His music is intense and evocative and showcases his love for Electronic while maintaining a very analog perspective. Utilizing every day items, such as pots, pans, and pillows, Andrew has created percussion, leads, and bass instruments by altering their sonic properties. Andrew is an active musician, from writing to engineering to production, he is a one man show. His influences are greatly based in dubstep and house, drawing heavily from artists such as Dead Mau5 and Knife Party; from the rougher, more and noise oriented genres, Nine Inch Nails has also had a great impact of his music.



Written By: Andrew Rittenhouse

We look into the sky,
Gazing at the stars.
Are we the only ones,
or are we just apart?


Earth Step Ep -
The Build*
Apart (The Rising Moon)
Every Lie*

* Notes a track that is not yet released.

Set List

*Currently not playing live shows