Andrew Roudny

Andrew Roudny


If Steve Vai joined the Foo Fighters and they dropped their singer, that's what we sound like. High energy instrumental rock/pop/country/electronic with less wanking and real songs.


Andrew Roudny’s ZERO WORDS OR LESS album encapsulates the infectious hooks of The Beach Boys, the gutsy drive of The Who, ABBA’s inherent pop sensibilities and the flash and ability of guitar gods such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen. The result is an unforgettable union of musicality and songmanship.

Andrew Roudny’s accomplishments include scoring the soundtrack for independent film Held Secular, placing Top Five in the internationally-televised North American Rock Guitar Competition as a featured performer and rocking Canada with original quintet Black Hour. He delivers his debut instrumental effort ZERO WORDS OR LESS, seven songs of musical mastery, mischief and mayhem.


Held Secular Sountrack - 1998
NARGC Finalist - 2003
Zero Words Or Less - 2005
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With Black Hour:
99EP - 1999
Black Hour - 2001
Rebellion - 2003

Set List

All songs original unless otherwise noted:

Intro Opus - 4:00
Bols Blue - 3:03
Mexican Sex Dungeon - 2:51
Metal Chicken - 1:12
Acoustic Solo - 3:00
Z Axis - 3:17
Riffer Madness - 3:06
Electric Solo - 3:00
2112 Overture - RUSH
Pricilla's Dream - 4:01