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"Local Singetr/Songwriter making his way"

Andrew Seishas is a graduate of the class of 2003 from Moreau Catholic High School. He went on to attend San Francisco State University where he recently received his BA in Cinema. His brief journey from his freshmen year to now has been one filled with choices and paths that helped make him who he is today. Inspired by singer/songwriters before him such as Noel Gallagher, Tom pEtty and Bo Dylan, he has began his journey into the musical world

After his graduating from SFSU Andrew discovered a passion for songwriting. Although a “weekend” musician for a year, he realized that he had a great passion for telling stories and passing on messages through lyrics and melodies. He is in the process of recording songs for a CD to be entitled "Turn”. Andrew’s music can be described as acoustic alternative with a little rock edge. They contain driving rhythms and haunting yet uplifting lyrics. Some of his songs have also recently seen some airplay on college radio in California. He sites as influences The Beatles, Oasis and Tom Petty.
In August Andrew’s song “Don’t Ask Me Why” was chosen as a winning entry in the GAP’s “Born to Fit Launch Party” where each GAP store chooses a songwriter to perform a 2-hour set. There were nearly 7000 entries. The Launch Party took place on August 20 at the GAP store in Monterey.
During the course of this year Andrew participated in the Emergenza Festival, an international “battle of the bands” type of competition. He came in second for the SF Bay Area region. The competition took place over three months and had almost 100 band entries, and he was the only solo act. He has played at venues in San Francisco such as The Mighty, The Rock-It-Room, Blake's in Berkeley and has plans to play at the Red House in Walnut Creek and other venues. Making music is his passion and he plans on hopefully furthering his musical career as time goes on and he pays his dues. You can hear his music on MySpace. Just search “Andrew Seishas.” Hopefully we see him more in future on the stage.
- The Vector

"GAP "Born to Fit Launch Party""

I hope you are excited about your upcoming appearance at the Gap on August 20th. At this time you should have confirmed with the Gap store manager and be all set to have a great time on the 20th.

As you know, this event is about two things: Gap's 40-year heritage, and its equally long-standing commitment to cool, original music. So, as you're preparing for this gig, there are just a few additional items we are bringing to your attention:

-- You're only going to play original music written and published solely by you or your band (i.e., no "covers" or songs written by anyone else). This is very important because the Gap does not have permission to allow you to play any cover songs at all. If you do play one or more cover songs, then you might be subject to legal action. Please note by showing up to play, you are granting us and the Gap the right to publicly perform your music and you agree to play only original music written and published by you or your band (i.e., no "covers" or songs written or published by anyone else). If you feel you don’t have enough original material to complete your set, feel free to repeat material as the crowd will be transient to some extent.

-- When you perform that day, we'll give each band member a certificate entitling him or her to a pair of cool new Gap (1969) jeans as a way of saying congrats on being chosen for this gig and thank you for giving the Gap the right to have you perform your original songs that night on the Gap's premises.

-- Promote, promote, promote. And to that end we have attached a graphic you can use to promote the gig on your Facebook, MySpace, etc. pages. To keep things simple, we created a general graphic, not specific to the store. You can post with info on the specific Gap store they are playing in.

As you might imagine, coordinating nearly 800 simultaneous anniversary parties, with live music at each one, takes a lot of work and attention to detail, and we need to know we can count on you. Please click on the button below to confirm your attendance and your review and acceptance of the terms of this email. - The GAP


Two of my songs were played on a bunch of college radio stations. The song Turn and Under the Gun.



I write what I feel and whatever comes out at the moment that I write my songs. I play hard when performing live. I do what I do. My influences are Oasis (Noel Gallagher), The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan all the great songwriters.