Andrew T Hunt

Andrew T Hunt

 New York City, New York, USA

An Americana Artist who combines great story telling and humor with a gritty Alt/country vibe.Backed by his wife Thea on Vocals the songs range from Gothic acoustic ballads to rocking duets that bring to mind the great husband and wife duo's of Buddy and Julie Miller or Richard and Linda Thompson


Iowa native Hunt is a grduate of the Rhode Island school of design.His Art work has been shown in the US and Japan.He has collaberated with many major artist during his twenty years in N.Y.His first self-released record, "Whisky Talking " was used on the nationally syndicated NPR program "Car Talk".His second record release on the Rustic/Haydens Ferry in late 2005 received extensive americana airplay.He plays regularly in the Tri state area and tours in his home state of Iowa .In 2004 he was an Artist in residence with theIowa Illinois arts council and toured the region extensively.His songs have been used in numerous Films most notably in the 2005 Sundance premier "Loggerheads".


Soldier Song

Written By: Andrew T Hunt

“Soldier Song”

Go find my darling
Bring me the one
Wise as the ages
And burned by the sun

Tell her no stories
Tell no lies
Let her know that was not
In vain how I died
( C )
Who take your hand then
And who’ll help you down
When they lay your body
In the cold , cold , ground

I remember the day
When first the orders came
Laughing and a smiling
To cover up the pain

And you brought me my rifle
And polished my boots
And said you’d love to see me
In a generals suit
( C )
Who’ll take your hand then
Who’ll help you down
When they lay your body in the cold , cold ,ground
Give my rifle to my son
The one I never knew
Kiss my daughter once and twice
She looks just like you

And I’ll wait for you dear
If you’ll wait for me
In yonder green pasture
Beneath the shade of a tree

And who’ll take your hand then
And who’ll help you down
When they lay your body
In the cold, cold ground
Yes I’ll take your hand then
And I’ll help you down
When they lay your body
In the cold , cold ground

Copyright 2006 Andrew T Hunt

Damn You

Written By: Andrew T HUnt

Damn You

I’m stumbling drunk
My feet in the muck
I’ve been swinging all night from your ceiling
And you can ply me with liquor
And pay me good wages
But your never gonna kill the feeling

That the truth that you told
Could be bought and sold
And your god and your king were just barter
Like the blood in your veins
And the blood that remains
It was all just a prelude to slaughter

So damn you ,damn you
And the ship that brought you from England
Damn you, damn you ,damn you

In the winter we’d camp
On the ground cold and damp
By a river we never bothered naming
And of all the men that I knew then
There’s just me remaining

And I listened to you bark
In the morning cold and dark
And I followed nearly all your orders
But I remember the day
When the wheat and the hay
Was a wilderness without borders

Damn You, Damn You
And the ship that brought you from England
Damn You, Damn You, Damn you

With the steel that you honed
You cut to the bone
We were no match with our stones and arrows
And your plague it was worse
And wiped out like a curse
What been here since the time of the Pharaoh’s

Now our cultures all gone
But the race lingers on
And casinos are built on reservations
And it seems like a crime
That we build the shrines
To your greed and your godless ambition

Damn You , Damn you
And the ship that brought you from England
Damn You , Damn you ,Damn you

That Evening Sun

Written By: Andrew T Hunt

hat Evening Sun
Andrew T Hunt (additional lyrics Nancy Hunt)

Bake them biscuits baby
Bake them good and brown
Sister she got married
Daddies underground - Ten long years now he ain’t made a sound

His Banjos in the corner
The strings have rusted through
It ain’t played a melody since he broke our heart in two
A cord of wood is stacked and dry
His shadows on the ground
As I watch that evening sun go down

A man can make a living
But he can’t get ahead
Ties his hands to a plow
Until the day he’s dead
Trading freedom – for a crust of bread
A rich man he grows bitter
The poor man just grows tired
He who leaves a world of love
Is the one to be admired
I work this field of seed and stone
And hope I’m heaven bound
As I watch that evening sun go down

Pour that bourbon baby
Pour it sweet and brown
You’ve been in that apron since you boxed your wedding gown
Lord knows we could be out on the town

The larder’s full of bacon
The pantry’s full of grain
This land has turned to dust in drought
And flooded in the rain
The road that led away
Is the one that turned me round
As I watch the evening sun go down

Andrew T Hunt(C)2011 funeralpyre music


Written By: Andrew T Hunt

Loaded up,my bags packed,face against the wind
don't try and and turn me around me cause your not gonna win
I'm to tired to talk about,and much to tired to fight
and I'm half the way to Baltimore tonight

Western skies were much to high and Texas much to dry
Nashville killed the kid in you they said you couldn't fly
and limping back to Baltimore I thought you'd see the light
patch up your wings,hold on your dreams and let them just take flight
I'm to tired to talk about and much to tired to fight and
I'm half the way to Baltimore tonight

Summer weddings with happy endings and weekends on the Cape
Never could convince you to believe in that escape
and running to you ran into that wall of your own fate
but pick up your head now get out a bed they say its not to late
I'm to tired to talk about it and much to tired to fight
and I'm half the way to Baltimore tonight


2001:" Whiskey Talking" self re-leased
2005 "Broken Wheel " Rustic/Haydens Ferry
Avaiable thru Rustic digital,I-tunes,Amazon, cd baby and MY space

Set List

Rusty gate
Honky Tonk's
Junkie for Love
Broken Wheel
Sheets of Linen
Good Year for the roses
etc one 45 minute or two 45's depending on venue all original material