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"Ben Rayner's Reason's To Live"

Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory, First Day of Summer Life. Former Heavy Blinker and gadabout Halifax indie-rock convener/producer Andrew Watt would always get a free pass from me he was already married to one of my dearest childhood friends before he produced Dog Day's Night Group, which – as (weary) regular readers no doubt already know – I think is just about the greatest thing ever. His reemergence as a recording artist with new band the Glory Glory, however, is a big, snuggly sweater-rock record straight outta the `70s and a new object of disturbing obsession at my place.

Watt has been tagged with Brian Wilson comparisons since his days with the Blinkers (whom you should check out, too) but his swoony, relentlessly buoyant Maritime take on classic California studio sunshine takes things a bit more "yacht" than "surf" on this album. These tunes, dressed up in artful string and horn arrangements by Robert Drisdelle, evoke Steely Dan and Christopher Cross more than they do Pet Sounds, and only in the best way possible. The album title is apt, too: they all really do sound like you feel on your first day of vacation. "London Town" makes me weak in the knees. The soundtrack to springtime. - Toronto Star

"First Day Of Summer Life"

When I received this album several weeks ago, I almost didn’t want to listen to the album because it reminded me of all things sunny and warm. Now it is sunny and warm so I can go ahead and talk about First Day of Summer Life, the debut album from Halifax’s Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory. Andrew Watt is formerly of the Halifax band the Heavy Blinkers.

The album is a generally positive one, even in the songs that are slightly slower and melodic. The music can be categorized as pop, but the music does not focus so much on guitar. The piano is much more prominent, which makes this music slightly different.

As well, Watt’s deeper voice is not a voice you would expect for a pop album, but it somehow works. Everyone in this quartet actually sings at one point or another, and they make some really good vocal harmonies, like in the song “One Day at a Time.”

I wasn’t wrong when I thought that this album would remind me of the summer. The cover art is partly an indication, but there is a kind of inexplicable warmth that comes from this album that really makes one wish it were summer already, gosh darn it.

While I can’t say that is the definitive summer album, it’s definitely worth a listen to. Recommended listening if you’re feeling sad. This should cheer you up.

Top Tracks: “One Day at a Time”; “Sweeping Away”

3 Hoots (out of 4) - Grayowl Point

"Andrew Watt And The Glory Glory"

Have you noticed that lately, there’s been some heavy shite going down at QBiM HQ? I blame it on the cold, dark and haunting winter days for my serious and louder than usual sonic moods. But man, with the sun coming out these last few days, it feels like Spring is just around the corner, and the mood in my in-box is certainly lightening, too. Andrew Watt and The Glory Glory are bringing the fun with “One Day at a Time” from the LP First Day of Summer Life. Watt is the front man for Halifax’s outstanding Heavy Blinkers who decided that he’d recruit a bunch of complete strangers to help him record his debut solo record. He turned to the guys in Halifax’s Glory Glory Man United and brought them into the studio to rehearse the material for the disc, not knowing exactly what he’d be in for.

The result is a big sound reminiscent of Brian Wilson arrangements, with a whole lot in the mix. You can call it orchestral if you want, but to me it’s more a straight-ahead classic pop sound that’s optimistic and heartfelt without being sappy and self-indulgent. The album is out March 16, but you can hear it all right now at the band’s Myspace site. - Quick Before It Melts


First Day Of Summer Life- lp
streaming on Myspace. As of May 10 the album sits at #10 on the CBC Radio 3 Top 30 after 6 weeks of climbing.



Mixing a combination of DIY Phil Spector wall of sound production with the melodic charms or Randy Newman, the cloudy haze of Dennis Wilson, and the large-scale arrangements of Brian Wilson, Andrew Watt and the Glory Glory First Day of Summer Life is an orchestral pop gem.

The band became the new musical outlet for former The Heavy Blinkers co-frontman Andrew Watt last year when he enlisted the aid of three complete strangers to help make his debut solo record. Recruiting Halifax rock trio Glory Glory Man United as his backing band was a leap of faith for Watt. “I decided to blindly invite these strangers to come over to the studio and rehearse my album,� he says. “It was a real gamble that has paid off." Robert Drisdelle (Poison Percy Rufus) was soon brought in to record horn and string arrangements and then finally Dreamsploitation’s Charles Blazevic to help work on the final mixes.

As a member of the internationally renowned Halifax pop outfit The Heavy Blinkers, Watt received critical acclaim from magazines such as Mojo, Q, Uncut, and Rolling Stone. Recently, The Heavy Blinkers were named one of the “greatest bands you probably never heard of� by Spin.