Andrew Weathers Ensemble

Andrew Weathers Ensemble


Andrew Weathers Ensemble plays experimental blues & folk using improvised structures and extended techniques. Touches on american primitive and contemporary minimalism.


My name is Andrew Weathers, I'm a composer and improviser from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born in 1988 to parents from North Carolina and Texas. For a while I lived in Greensboro, NC, where I got a BM in Music Composition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Now I live in Oakland, CA, where I study Electronic Music at Mills College. I play guitar and banjo with occasional electronic augmentation.

My music blurs composition, improvisation, and appropriation, taking key elements from folk, experimental, and punk traditions. I'm interested in using a minimal amount of source material and I'm interested in repeating myself. Art is a vehicle for social change, a means to create the world we want and make that world from what we have. I think the world at large could learn a lot from the DIY music community. I'm interested in the internet connecting us, but using it to make real world connections.

I perform solo and head up a group called Andrew Weathers Ensemble and regularly perform and record as a part of Kirtan Choir, Tethers, and Parties. I've collaborated with Bicameral Mind, Andrew Marino, Northern Valentine, Tatsuya Nakatani, Lukas Ligeti, Laurent Estoppey, Tanner Menard, Brian John Mitchell, and Hal McGee, live and on record. I've studied with Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, Eugene Chadbourne, Mark Engebretson, and Alejandro Rutty. My good friend Andrew Marino and I also operate a record label called Full Spectrum Records because it's important to me to have an outlet to promote musicians that I admire and love. We release work from young composers in unique forms and limited editions.


Andrew Weathers Solo:

Someone Else's Summer [2011, Visceral Media - CD & Digital]

Greatest Hits [2011, Blondena - 3" CD & Digital]

Winter Pieces [2010, Future Recordings - Cassette & Digital]

A Great Southern City [2010, Full Spectrum – CD & Digital]

Drone/Drift Series: No Parenthesis [2009, Lo-Bango Sound – 3? CD & Digital]

Collapsing Under Our Own Weight [2009, Cinnamon Fnord/Quilt – Cassette]

Andrew Weathers Ensemble

Guilford County Songs [2012, Full Spectrum - Postcard & Digital]

Rough Hemmed Seams [2011, Full Spectrum - Digital]

We're Not Cautious [2011, Sleep On The Floor - CD & Digital]