Andrew Whitman

Andrew Whitman


If Jack Johnson decided to hook up with the Avett Brothers and write a few tunes, you'd have Andrew Whitman and his friends. Light hearted and hard playing, they put on an intense show that is strongly backed by both fun and skillfully written songs.


Andrew Whitman was strongly influenced by Jack Johnson when he first began writing. For a long while, he was happy with creating songs similar to one of his mentors. But a time came when he figured out that he couldn't always be as chill and relaxed as the surfer songwriter, and he branched out to the likes of the Avett Brothers and Weezer for new inspiration. The result is a mix of fun and upbeat songs, which can incorporate anything from soft baritone vocals to screaming harmonies. In the last five years, Andrew has slowly but surely put together a band of friends and talented musicians, even while at college in Nashville, TN. Now he resides in Philadelphia and is known for never holding back at venues such as Milkboy Philly, The Fire, North Star Bar, and more.


Beat of Life - 2009

Live at Blixyz - 2013