Andrey Leonov

Andrey Leonov

 Woodridge, Illinois, USA

An aspiring song-writer, looking to share joys and sorrows, magic of love and life as I experience it

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Written By: Andrey Leonov

She is a good girl
She is a tiny pretty lovely little good girl
She turns my whole world
She turns around upside-down sideways whole world
I drown in her
I'm drawn to her, loose my breath and drown in her
She pulls me under
She kisses me and like a rip tide pulls me under
And I don't care if I surface or not

We go together
We go around everywhere, go together
You think I'm crazy
I'm crazy for her, eh, damn right, for her I'm crazy
We are amazing
In hundred years it will still be damn amazing
And we will never every grow apart