Andriana Babali

Andriana Babali

 Athens, Attica, GRC

Andriana Babali is a renowned Greek singer and songwriter.

Her smooth, warm voice is what makes her unique, along with her the ability to mix pop, rock and jazzy melodies with her Greek musical heritage. Andriana has definitely earned a special place in Greek Pop, with a scene full of such "fanfare" and "shouts", but also in the hearts of a large diversity of audiences.


Andriana has released 5 albums and has hit the Greek charts repeatedly with songs like “Den ein' arga” , “Moira mou egines” , “Des Kathara”, “Mazi Theos” and “Ise Esi O Anthropos Mou” (the theme song for the very successful tv-series “The Island”).

She has collaborated in live performances as well as in the studio with some of the most important artists of the Greek scene, such as : George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Nikos Portokaloglou, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Michalis Hatzigiannis and many more...

Born and raised in Athens Greece, Andriana studied Economics and Music.
She began singing as a vocalist (+Percussionist) with rock singer-songwriter Nikos Portokaloglou in 1998.
This lead to her first studio recording “Den In' Arga” which became a major radio hit, and also her first solo album “Ke I Gi Girizi”, following a contract with Universal Music.
In 2004, Andriana is nominated in the “Arion Awards” (Greece’s most popular Music Awards) in the category for “Best New Artist” and “Best Female Pop Singer”.
During the Winter of 2004-2005 Andriana appears in George Dalaras ‘s live performances.
In May 2005 she released her second studio album “Min pis pote”, following a new contract with EMI and in June 2007 she released her third album “Des Kathara”. The title song, an adaptation of Calogero’s “Face à la mer” with Greek lyrics by Nikos Moraitis, wins “Best Music Video” Award in “Greek Video Music Awards 2008” and both albums are received with great reviews by the fans and critics.
In May 2009 she released her fourth album “The Rose Tattoo”, a selection of ‘50 ‘s and ‘60 ‘s Greek and International hits, arranged by renowned composer Minos Matsas. In late 2010 Babali released her fifth studio album titled “O Tzon Tzon zi", which is entirely written and composed by lyricist Nikos Moraitis and virtuoso violist and composer Stamos Semsis.
Around that time, the successful Greek TV series “To Nisi” used “Ise Esi O Anthropos Mou” (from her 2009 cd: The Rose Tattoo) for the series theme song, which ranked #1 in iTunes (Gr) sales .

Andriana is currently making live appearances with a special diversified quartet, performing her album tracks in ethno-minimal arrangements.



Albums :
Kai I Gi Gyrizei (2003)
Min Pis Pote (2005)
Des Kathara (2007)
The Rose Tattoo (2009)
O Tzon Tzon Zi (2010)

Singles :
Min Pis Pote (2005)

Mazi Theos (2006)

Me Hriazete Remixes (2006)

Diakopes Sti Baniera (2010)

Pente Vimata (2013)

Ta Dahtylidia (2013)