Andromeda Sun

Andromeda Sun

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Bridging generations with eclectic rock and roll from the soul and for the soul. Smooth melodic keyboard, guitar inspired by artists such as hendrix and steve miller, a self taught powerhouse rhythm section, and a unique voice that resonates passion for change, creates an intuitive rock experience like no other. Andromeda Sun seeks to spread peace to communities everywhere, and change the way the world listens to music.


Conceived by the musical minds of Peter McCoid, 18, and Ian Harris, 19, Andromeda Sun is an eclectic rock and roll experience paving a unique new path for modern rock. Established in the summer of 2013, the duo has cultivated and refined their musical chemistry by improvising together on the instruments of their childhood, keyboard (Harris) and guitar (McCoid). After months of being an acoustic jam duo, the two channeled their musical ideas into their first original song together, “Andromeda Sun”. Both young musicians have written music and lyrics throughout their youth, but “Andromeda Sun” was the start of the Harris/McCoid writing partnership, and inspired the name of the band. Their music writing, instrumental skills, and ideas have steadily grown since they started, and they now have multiple albums worth of original material that they’re eager to record.

            Their self-titled debut EP was released in August 2014, and produced by Grammy recipient Tiger Roberts at South End Studio in Portland, OR. This six song, 30-minute collection of original music takes the mind of the listener on a unique experience of classic rock influence through modern production, with themes of peace and consciousness written all over it. It is a quaintly powerful debut EP to give the world a small taste of what Andromeda Sun has to offer. They recorded Andromeda Sun - EP with just the two original dedicated members. Ian and Peter shared the majority of the bass responsibilities, while Ian’s brother-in-law; Joe Mengis the drummer of Priory recorded the drums for the record. 

            Since the summer of 2013, the band has written albums worth of music that is more diverse, creative, and all around more thought out than their first release. They’ve written rock and roll, blues, reggae, folk, psychedelic rock, several instrumental jams, and everything in between. The band anticipates their forthcoming full length album, name TBA, to be out in the summer of 2015, and is excited to release better music that demonstrates their growth as musicians and song writers alike.

            Currently, the band performs frequently all around the Portland area and Pacific Northwest with the energetic and intuitive rhythm section of Anthony Pellico, 18, on drums, and Logan Adam, 18, on bass, expanding their writing team to a confident power quartet. The four began recording their first full-length album in November of 2014, and released their first single "Mother Nature Takes Care of Me" on iTunes, Spotify, and several other online stores on January 25th.  The second single "Welcome Yourself" off their forthcoming album was released in March. Recorded on an 8 track tape recorder at Fremont Recording by Brud Giles, and mastered by Tiger Roberts at Kung Fu Bakery, "Welcome Yourself" brings some new and exciting elements to the table.

            Heavily influenced by the 60’s/70’s era, blues, and modern artists such as Ben Harper, Tame Impala, and Xavier Rudd, Andromeda Sun fuses all of their musical styles into a dynamic experience unlike any music currently being made today. They seek to make a positive shift in the world through their music and their message of peace, love, consciousness, and rock and roll. Andromeda Sun believes that music has bold abilities to bring people together, as does love, so when the two are aligned the combination will guide listeners to a unified way of life that has yet to be achieved. Andromeda Sun strives to make quality music with a positive message, and plan to pursue their passion of music for the rest of their lives.



Andromeda Sun

Written By: Ian Harris,Peter McCoid

I'm spreading my love
All the way to andromeda sun
I'm spreading my love
Somewhere out near andromeda sun

We are one
We are love

Come Together

Written By: Peter McCoid,Ian Harris

It started with a thought, and ended with a change.
It sailed into the mountaintops
Nothing was the same, when the thoughts to turned to actions
Who's to blame?
The youth, conscious and untamed
The truth, is embedded in our ways
In all of us is a seed that grow waves of energy
Let it bloom to the moon and soon we'll all be free

Together together
We can change the world!

Come together, for the peace and the love
Come together, for the peace and the love
Come together, for the peace and the love
Come together, under the sun

Expression Connection

Written By: Ian Harris

Conceive your life in the ground of your earth
The seed of your light shines in shadows and the dirt
Fertilized with family all shapes and sizes
We are wise in our infinite minds
So let it shine, let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine
We are light, we are light
And we're getting closer to the sun as it radiates our love

This experience can't be judged it can't be tamed
Don't get delirious by no material or no fame
Embrace your individuality you are perfect imperfection
Here in this growing family we are expression connection

If you do not insist on bliss then i must dismiss and, let it be
We do not have to float through life with so many damn questions of who we are supposed to be
Look inside your soul and find your passion, help manfest a positive society. We're making connections in loves protection in this expression connection

Life finds a way to thrive, manifest, cultivate, and harvest your own illuminance. We are one with the light, and we're getting closer to the sun as it radiates our love.
So let it shine, let it shine.
Let it shine, let it shine.
We are light, we are light.
We're getting closer to the sun as it radiates our love.


Open Earth

Written By: Peter McCoid,Ian Harris

Feel the vibration of the world changing
It's mind over matter but matters of our time have risen over our minds
So wake up, to the sound of the new day!
Stand up, in your expression!

When we fall society's there to knock us back down again.
Materialistic ideals and close minded values
We're all brothers and sisters in search of a need
To get free!

No government can hold us back
We are all free today
I said stand up in your expression!
We're all one on this open earth
We're all good on this open earth
We're all one on this open earth

Power of Our Minds

Written By: Ian Harris

Say hello, we're all strangers that crawl on each others favorite flavors.
Greed may breed inside of us, that's why you gotta love.
I've been on this path for a life and a half and my soul knows
How to ease all the fear, love's gon' start a revolution
This generation has made its mistakes and the youth manifests
It's time for change!

Changes, give love to everyone
Changes, all seven billion of us we're brothers and we're sisters.
The answer is within us
The power of our minds
Coexist and Thrive
We create everything we see so see positively with

Every step, walk further
Every breath, breathe deeper
Every harmony, see the light see the light see the
We are family, no need to fight
No need to be anything you are not
You are a perfect expression of whatever you call god
It's one love, we're all star dust
It's one earth, preserve


Written By: Peter McCoid,Ian Harris



Andromeda Sun - Released August 2014, independent.

Set List

30 Minute Set:

  • Open Earth
  • Mountain on It's Knees
  • Fearless Now of Forever
  • Andromeda Sun pt. 2
  • Mother Nature Takes Care of Me
  • Eternal Energy in Waves of Happening
90 minute+ sets:
  • The New State
  • Sunny Blues
  • Andromeda Sun
  • Heard it Through The Grapevine by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Come Together
  • Expression Connection
  • Peace is Free
  • Power of Our Minds
  • Mountain on Its Knees
  • For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
  • Andromeda Sun pt. 2
  • Open Earth
  • Blooming
  • Flying by The Beatles
  • Castles Made of Love
  • Born on The Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
  • Fly On
  • Fearless Now of Forever
  • The Something Blues
  • Mother Nature Takes Care of Me
  • Eternal Energy in Waves of Happening