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Andromeda Turre

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Andromeda Turre is the ultimate in elegant and sophisticated Jazz Vocalists. A former background vocalist for Ray Charles, Andromeda is an accomplished singer, songwriter and arranger. She has gained fans from New York to Tokyo with her powerful voice, magnetic charm and electrifying presence.


Andromeda has formal training in Theater from the Boston Conservatory and Vocal Performance / Music Business from Berklee College of Music. Her professional career includes vocal directing / background vocals for the Ray Charles Orchestra (as a Raelette), starring in Woody Allen's "Murder Mystery Blues" at the Midtown Theater in NYC, and she has leant her voice to film scores, tv commercials and recording sessions all over the world. After a year and a half of living in Tokyo singing with a jazz big band there, Andromeda released her first album. The self-produced "Introducing Andromeda Turre" album is available on iTunes, CDBaby and more - see for more information. Drawing inspiration from Leana Horne, Natalie Cole and Jessica Rabbit, Andromeda presents her Jazz in a classy, exciting and sultry manor. With a valid passport, Andromeda is willing and able to take her voice anywhere in the world.


Sakura Blossoms

Written By: Andromeda Turre

Springtime is coming feel the love that's in the air. Blooming like Sakura Blossoms everywhere. Holding hands and making plans and kissing in the shade of Sakura Blossoms lovers play. Autumn things begin to fade and winter time is bare, but Spring brings together a pair. I feel your heart melting into fresh morning dew. I see the Sakura Blossom in you.


1. Introducing Andromeda Turre (2008)
Listen to Samples of "Introducing Andromeda Turre" at

2. Rhythms of the Sea by Wyland (2007)
Andromeda on Background Vocals

3. Spirits Up Above by Steve Turre (2004)
Andromeda on Background Vocals

Set List

my set list varies on the need of the venue, but typically run about 1 hour. The set includes Jazz Standards and original tunes presented in an exciting yet romantic fashion.