Andru Ayoub

Andru Ayoub

 Rockville, Maryland, USA
SoloHip Hop

Andru Ayoub's music is like a breath of fresh air. He delivers smart, relatable lyrics that truly connect with listeners. With a polished commercial sound its no wonder Andru Ayoub is quickly becoming one of the hottest undiscovered talents in the U.S.


Andru Ayoub, a hip hop recording artist and producer based out of Rockville, MD,  has been creating music since the age of 14. In 2008, he began writing songs for his first album and producing for other local artists.  In November 2012, Andru released his debut album, Better Late Than Never, which received strong support from the local hip hop community.

Andru’s debut album Better Late Than Never reflects on the struggles and insecurities of being a new artist in the industry.  Each song chronicles his life experiences and acts as a true reflection of who he is.  With the pressure of making a name for yourself, sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome on the path to success can be you.  In addition to his own productions, Better Late Than Never features tracks with the alternative rock band The Dirty Jacks and producer Shake Beats.

Andru Ayoub released his mixtape, Reaching Every Dream (R. E. D.) in October 2014.  It features his original productions as well as tracks by the up and coming producer Shake Beats.

Andru Ayoub has had strong support from regional media including an interview and radio play with “EZ Street” from 93.9 WKYS and being featured as artist of the month by The Deli Magazine in May 2012.  He has performed at a myriad of local venues supporting national artists like Pusha T and The Game, at venues including Echostage and The Fillmore Silver Spring. Andru endorsed, performed, and hosted the Liquid Ice Energy Drink experience in Las Vegas at the 2013 NCBShow. In 2015, Andru Ayoub traveled to Ireland for this debut international performance at the YouBloom Festival.

Andru is currently booking shows to promote his mixtape release, and is already back in the studio working on his second independent album, to come out in 2016.


Eye Know

Written By: Andru Ayoub

And I know,
Everything that goes up must come down,
So I'ma keep a level head reach for the sun now (and I know)
My feet are planted on a Burton,
One things for certain,
I'ma ride till the curtains,
Close, at one of my shows,
Cause my flows is the one you chose,
To blow the speakers on ya headphones,
And thats real so I'ma tell em word up,
I'm tell em word up, I'ma tell em word up,
Word up.
Verse 1
I told em I'd never quit until my flight leave,
Heart on my right sleeve,
Life is a beach Miami sand on my white T's,
I'm sippin Ice Tea's,
I'm in a room full of bad bitches on an island with a light breeze,
I'm on my way up,
I'm never scared to fall,
And if you feel me then feel me I never cared at all,
City on my shoulders but fuck it I'd never carry yall,
See me taking flight and wanna hop up in my carry on, Damn
I'm on a level you will never reach,
I'm hot as hell, might as well let the devil speak,
Haters tryna jock me,
These bitches call me papi,
But I tell em no comprenda I'm Palestinian, copy that,
Like hey Drew, when you droppin that,
Shit that make em bump they wanna put ya city on a map,
I tell em right now, tell em pipe down
Ya boys serving bars like 25 to life now.
Verse 2
You see the diamond in my name,
Jesus piece in my chain,
Gotta get a little bit more of that flame,
Before you start pushin' that Range,
Back to back on these planes,
I can have whatever,
Its better later than never I still would never change ,
I'm just sayin',
I'm doin' me but Ill never switch my style up,
And you sayin that you fly but I'm like a mile up,
I'm fly as fuck like women I dial up,
Versatile flow will support the money I pile up,
I'm known to kill it on the intro,
And I'm just tryna fuck the world I'm a nympho,
You can holler at my manager for the info,
Catching contacts of the smoke that my friends blow,
I'm in the clouds I'm just lookin down,
When I arrive tell the haters that the truth in town,
I'm with my homies tell the valet bring the coupe around,
I keep a small circle like smoke I blow at the hookah lounge.
(Hook x2)


Better Late Than Never 
Released: November, 2012
Distributed: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more

Reaching Every Dream (R. E. D.) Mixtape
Released: October, 2014
Distributed: Datpiff, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify