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And So It Was Written

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review from Wichita"

Interviewed by “Rock It” Girl

“And So It Was Written” was originally created by the two guitarists Stephan Mann and Matt Bukaty in 2005. These guys have only been together as a whole for three months. Even when they got stiffed on pay for their first show in February at a place called Ground Works, they kept at it and have just played their third show at Eagles Lodge in Wichita.
Stephan, who has dreadlocks and a baby face (girls I do believe he’s single), is an absolutely amazing guitarist who lets the notes just roll off his fingers. Matt on left channel guitar really sets it off; it wouldn’t be the same without those two guitarist ping ponging the notes between each other.
Their drummer Johandy Urena, who’s got a smart guy look going on with hair pulled back into a ponytail off stage, is from the Dominican Republic. The fourth instrument player, but far from least, Brent Everley, plays an ESP bass and moves around on the stage right along with the singer.
Vocalist B.J., whose previous band “Trip Cage” shared the stage with “Lacuna Coil”, said, “We’re trying to combine math metal with monster metal bands like Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God and It Dies Today.”
B.J., with his short crop mohawk and his array of tattoos really kicks things up on stage. He jumped around all over the place, more than fulfilling “Metal” standards. Unlike most Metal followers, these guys aren’t littered with piercings and rings. Not a criticism, an observation.
“I don’t want to be a millionaire. I’ll drive a van for the rest of my life and live in a studio apartment. As long as I can keep playing tunes,” says B.J. “Screw having a wife and kids, I just wanna play tunes, and I think that goes for all of us.” They want to tour without paying for it out of their own pockets. B.J.: “I’d like to just make van payments.”
Making it “big” really didn’t seem important. While Ozzfest seemed uninteresting to them, one of their aspirations is to play Headbangers Ball or Jagermeister Tour.
Where did this name come from? ASIWW (and so it was written)? It came from Stephan Mann’s friend, Adam Harrison. While “rolling a blunt” he put up his hand and exclaimed, “And so it was written.” Simple as that.
What could be gathered from spending a night with these talented guys is that they just would like to tour and play music. Everybody needs to support them as much as possible. Anyone can tell from the excellent recording on the demo that they undeniably have something.
The band gives props to Josh: “Thanks for getting us hooked up in Wichita.” This town will always welcome ASIWW. We might be seeing this band once a month if everyone plays their cards right. They are really gifted, really nice, and really kickass. It sounds like they live for the music, the only way to go.

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“Rock It” Girl
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Bringing the epic fury And So It Was Written is testing the boundries of what Metal can be. Formed in Shawnee Kansas in December of 2005 they have already conqured more obsticles than most bands do in 1 year. With a cohesive mix of main stream metal, Black Metal, and Hardcore they are experimenting with ingtedients to turn the page on modern metal.