early 50's rock and roll, texas swing, alt folk blend. bob wills, kinks & the band influence. 4 part harmony. spectacular musicianship and dedication to the craft of song writing.


And The Moneynotes began in 2006 as Dr. Horsemachine & The Moneynotes. Based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the group sand-blasted audiences with a unique blend of vaudvillian country bluegrass pop. Backed by a tight rhythm section, the songwriting of Mitchell Williams blended wonderfully with the virtuosity of violinist Coleman Smith. In 2007, after the completion of their first EP, This Year We Hunt, bassist Austin Smith retired to his native Texas. No one man could fill Austin's shoes, so the band added two new members, Pat Finnerty and Manny Quinn, formerly of Okay Paddy. With added dimensions of new personnel and instruments, not to mention different songwriting perspectives, a name modification was in order. Thus: AND THE MONEYNOTES. Wishing to capture a moment of inspiration, the group quickly entered the studio and began recording their first full-length, New Cornucopia. Mixed by Nick Krill of The Spinto Band, New Cornucopia maintains the roots of the band's original sound while incorporating different voices and textures to bring forth a broader musical palette.


THIS YEAR WE HUNT [CD/PQR003] Released Oct. 2007
NEW CORNUCOPIA* [CD/PQR004] Released July 2008
*several tracks receiving online radio play.
ON THE TOWN, ON THE VINE EP [7" Vinyl/PQR007] Release date: May 5 2009

Set List

Sets range from 45 min. to 1.5 hrs.