And The Revellers Fell

And The Revellers Fell


Acoustic-based Urban Americana puts older musical forms through a raw, progressive urban lens. Sound features lived-in voices with two-man harmonies, complex rhythmic interplay, winding guitar lines and articulate drumming makes the many odd-timed grooves sound even again.


JJ Deiso started the post punk band UDET with drummer Scotty Imp, developing an articulate, highly syncopated rhythm section over 5 years. Then the duo left their guitarist and Deiso began playing acoustic guitar and adopting a post-Americana style incorporating his blues, jazz, and country background he acquired while living in New Orleans. The duo eventually teamed up with Radian Records artist Lola Johnson, whose blues -with-a jazz teardrop style complimented Deiso's style well. During an early gig as a trio, a dancing fan approached the stage demanding a bass player. Julian Woolsey has been playing bass for the band ever since.

And The Revellers Fell play acoustic-based Urban Americana that features lively instrumental interplay, down-home, two-man vocal harmonies, spacious arrangements, and rigorous rhythm playing, in grooving odd meters that drummer Imp makes sound even again.


Jump My Mind

Written By: Jason Deiso

I came around from the other side,
baby, you don't want to know.

I have a way with the lonely ones,
Who won't waste my time
She Jumped my mind

Don't get along with no uptown girls,
baby, I don't want to know
I have a thing for the only ones
Who won't wast my time
She jumped my mind.

Time I find the one I know
To hold me in the quiet air
I settle for nothing I know
She won't be my maybe
Be my maybe
Be my maybe


Written By: Casey Waldman & Jason Deiso

Pure and unrelenting
This love, I cant undo
For the gentle heart that sings
Inside of you
Through all my travels
For all of these years
I waited for the queen
I knew you would appear

Where have you gone
Won't you return
It seems I've lost again
I guess I'll never learn

Your truth and wisdom
Electric beauty and grace
Every corner I turn
I want to see your face

The face that gives me solace
Nights wrapped in you
Don't tell me I don't know
I'm damn sure I do

Where have you gone?
Won't you return?
It seems I've lost again
I guess I'll never learn


Self-released Demonstration.

1. Unrelenting
2. Jump My Mind
3. Why Can't You
4. Tight

"Jump My Mind" receives airplay from several online radio shows., including iRADIO LA, the largest internet radio station, Radio Crystal Blue, and others.

"Why Can't You?" was featured on Starving Artist's Guide Podcast in May of 2009.

Set List

1. Unrelenting
2. Jump My Mind
3. Why Can't You
4. Begin Again
5. Sin to Love
6. Hey Man, I Wouldn't
7. Honeybee Blues
8. Tomorrow

9. Might Not Come Home
10. Jet Plane Blues
11. St James Infirmary