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Andy Newton

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Americana




"CD Review: Andy Newton, 'A Banner Day'"

Besides being really cute, Andy Newton is an exceptional song writer. I really like the mood of the first track, “In Due Time” – the arrangement and instrumentation is introspective and sweet: “I don’t know where I’m off to/ I don’t know what’s mine/ Still I’ll see everything through/ In due time. “Brush it Off Henry” is a dandy song of encouragement to a lovelorn friend: “Don’t be such a sad sack/ Why do you even want her back/ There ain’t nothing new today/ She was always walking away.” “Kelly Green” sounds like something Mick Jagger would’ve written or sung or both: “Girl run that stocking up your leg/ I said, Girl/ run that stocking up your leg.” “Like We Used To Do” has a dreamy, quiet quality, and the production is just so pretty, (with a little hint of Tom Rush’s “Child Song” in the chord progression.) There’s great piano and energy in “I Guess That Really Was the Last Time.” I think Bob Dylan might wish that he wrote it if he ever heard it, it is that good. And lookie there, the next song is a Dylan song, “If You Gotta Go, Go Now,” but I like Andy’s Dylanesque song better than the actual Dylan one! Gee willikers! “Those Fine and Good Blues,” is another winner. I can imagine Mick Jagger doing a cover of this one too. “River Rushing Through My Heart” has that garage band rock ’n’ roll sound reminiscent of the Standells’ “Dirty Water.” “When I Fall in Love Again” brings to mind Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits, I don’t know why, I think because it’s plaintive and sincere and I believe it. “Providence Rain” starts like a distant cousin of “I am the Walrus” or a Beatles song that didn’t make it to the White Album. I think we will be hearing from this young man for many years to come, this is a fantastic debut album. It has been an honor to listen. Love the cover art by Rob Logan too! - The Noise

"Andy Newton Impresses Greatly With Debut CD 'A Banner Day'"

Andy Newton’s debut CD A Banner Day offers a variety of rocking Americana soundscapes within interesting singer-songwriter song craft. It’s uncanny how well Newton dives into a lot of different approaches and keeps emerging with his own personal, unique vocal timbre, narrative, and musical shadings. Recorded at Mortal Music Studios in Charlestown, Massachusetts, A Banner Day carries a banner for roots music as written from the point of view of a youthful man of today.

Opening with “In Due Time,” Newton wastes no time immersing his listeners in engaging sounds and involving guitar notes. His vocal climbs up over his melody with an inner strength that can be felt. This gives his voice a presence as well as a sound. Listeners will take notice of this young artist right away.

“Brush It Off, Henry” is philosophically sound as well as musically alluring. Newton’s unique rasp pulls the emotion out of this song of encouragement, making one want to follow his voice to see where he takes us. All of the instrumentation is familiar while also possessing a freshness in how Newton manipulates them. The piano underneath him makes this feel a little like old fashioned rock and roll while his slightly darker vocal approach creates something new and fetching.

“Kelly Green” takes the listener on a down tempo, pared down croon. Newton gets even darker here, his voice pressing forward into a scarier place. He finds a perfect approach to croon over primitive percussion and a slow burner, scratchy electric guitar. He creates the perfect atmosphere and mood here, perfect for something sinister to evolve.

“How You Love Me” drifts forward quietly, pleasantly. Like tumbleweed, moving along the ground, this number ambles with a persistent spirit even though Newton takes his sweet time unfurling it. His words find a good home among drifty accordion and organ because his raw, earthy vocal offers itself in generous doses of emotion and timbre.

“Sparrows” swoops down from its grinding guitar intro to become another tune in which Newton’s voice is a steady guide through a story song. Electric guitar and organ percolate steadily, moodily beneath him as he puts this one across with raw attitude. Gripping, it engages more as it moves along its world weary way, making one realize Newton is wise and experienced beyond his mid-20s lifespan.

“Like We Used To” is a tender reflection on his past. Newton uses another pared down format here, offering only a brittle acoustic guitar melody and a mild organ counterpoint beneath his airy voice. This singer-songwriter conjures tender emotions as he walks one through his memories of a past relationship, making the listener feel his wistful longing.

Newton pulls us into “I Guess That Really Was The Last Time” with an even handed offering of acoustic guitar and organ. Here, he draws us in with a flinty, mid-tempo joyride through another end of romance story. A rollicking honky tonk flavor makes this a fun, toe-tapping piece as well as something that makes us feel what he was feeling when he wrote it.

“If You Gotta Go, Go Now” rides in with a swirl of instrumentation that Newton manages to sail along with. He’s on top a whirlwind of emotions, and he’s spiraling playfully around a tuft of guitars, organ, piano, and rhythm section finesse. Newton makes one feel he’s tamed this circus of sound with his whispery exclamations, and that is just one of his strengths here.

“Those Fine And Good Blues” swaggers with confidence. Sprinkled with honky tonk piano and punctuated by a spirited rhythm section, this one makes you feel like you’re in some kind of old time piano bar. Newton’s rasp is well placed in this march of edgy melodies and kicking grooves. He’s got enough attitude to match the brisk instrumentation, and it’s a match made in heaven.

“I’ll Be Satisfied” has a familiar feeling to it. A good study of what he listens to, Newton can come up with something that sounds like it’s been on the radio for years. This soulful romp is danceable, fun, and well-executed. The listener can feel the years in this kind of music even if the singer-songwriter-recording artist is still in his mid-20s.

“River Rushing Through My Heart” is a youthful theme of being full of emotion. In Newton’s hands, this expression of infatuation comes through in a rush of soulful vocal belts. Singing over a groundswell of guitar and organ, Newton remains a focal point, something that draws in everything with his easeful charisma.

“When I Fall In Love Again” is Newton in mellow groove, sounding more like a 1960s pop ballad, drifting along like a cloud in a breeze. Dreamy qualities ooze from each instrument while Newton croons with a gentler confidence here. He still manages to make his own personal indentation with his unique timbre, showing there isn’t any kind of approach he cannot master.

“Providence Rain” has a slight Beatles influence coming from a string instrument and a playful organ swirl. Newton, again, makes his voice at home amidst impressive instrumentation. He also makes his feelings understood with nuances in his vocal approach, inflecting just as much as he needs, handling it like an old pro.

Newton closes out with “In Duer Time,” a play on his introductory tune “In Due Time.” This instrumental finds him adding many fine touches to his, at this point in his CD, already proven melodic and rhythmic abilities. Its beauteous ease also serves as a pleasant farewell for now ending.

Andy Newton has made quite a bold statement with his A Banner Day debut album. He reflects a high level of development for such a young artist. His potential is clear, as this album sounds like it was written and performed by a more seasoned talent. Newton is surely off to a brilliant start. - Bill Copeland Music News


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Andy Newton now lives near Boston, where he composes songs - which he's been doing since his undergraduate days, fuelled by the memories of golden oldies he used to hear on his local radio station. A Banner Day, released this summer, is his debut album. It's a folk-rock collection with emphasis on both the "folk" and the "rock", switching easily between contemplative plucking and hammered riffs alike. - Record Rewind Play

"Somerville Native Andy Newton Releases Debut Music Video For "I Guess That Really Was The Last Time""

Somerville, MA based singer-songwriter Andy Newton has just released his beautifully shot music video for the song "I Guess That Really Was The Last Time" off his just released debut album A Banner Day. The clip sees Andy at several picturesque shots around the Boston area, along with clips of him strumming his guitar and evoking his deep and mellow voice that allows the song to burst to life, and allows the song to meld and sync in with the breathtaking imagery that is abound in this clip. Andy was originally born and raised in Pinole, CA just outside of the San Fran Bay Area, and he shows his warm and breezy West Coast sensibility right here that allows everyone around him to appreciate all his talents and everything he brings to the table. A very talented on the rise musician that you should be paying a great deal of attention to. - MusicBoxPete

"Andy Newton - A Banner Day"

Somerville based singer-songwriter Andy Newton has just released his debut solo album titled A Banner Day. The effort is a folk leaning collection full of Americana inspired tunes that really evokes the musical sensibility that emanates so strongly from Andy's melodic output, and brings about an impressive and cohesive collection of tunes gathered forth here before you.

We start things off with "In Due Time", a laid back, ethereal tune with Andy's warm and inviting musical glow on display with breezy guitar melodies and impeccable vocals making this a worthwhile listen and a great start to a promising album ahead. "Brush It Off, Henry" is a more upbeat and musically polished number with a wider variety of instrumentation, and a tightly wound musical construct that also hints at the musical diversity that we're about to encounter later on. "How You Love Me" brings the lights down low with a more relaxed number that really cuts to the core and essence of what Andy's music is all about, deep and honest songwriting that holds nothing back and lets the music do all the talking right here. "Sparrows" is my favorite track off the album that really hit me hard with Andy's cooing and insatiable vocals working their magic through the musical confines, and has a deep, punctuating rhythm that you can't help but to welcome in with open arms and let it enfold you bit by bit. "I Guess That Really Was The Last Time" features more varied arrangements and Andy's vocals once again guiding the track to a more free wheeling nature that does its own thing and leads in to the second half perfectly.

"Those Fine And Good Blues" starts off the second half with an out of left field number that shows off some of Andy's musical influences all in one neat little package that you can't help but to be entertained by and watch the magic unfold right before your listening ears. "RIver Rushing Through My Heart" is a very well constructed number that shows off a complete ensemble effort with each band member contributing something different and unique to the composition that takes it in a different direction than any of the members ever dreamed of. "Providence Rain" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a weathered folk feel that shows off Andy's folk sensibility that is as raw and unadulterated as it was when the album first began and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. "In Duer Time" concludes the album with a mellow and somber melody that really captures the emotional intensity felt throughout this album and allows it to coast off into the sunset without much trouble. I was very impressed with what I heard from Andy's album when he sent me the finished product. There was much to be desired and he definitely has that unspoken talent and creativity that fuels his musical desire to showcase his talents to a receptive audience, and display some separation from the other acts in the local scene emerging right now. A true talent with a very promising road ahead of him.

Looking back, a solid debut effort from Andy Newton, a local talent fresh on the scene that is looking to make a climb up the musical totem pole, and show his goods to a fresh audience who will definitely find some unheralded beauty embedded deep within his sound.

Album Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

- In Due Time
- Brush It Off, Henry
- Kelly Green
- How You Love Me
- Sparrows
- Like We Used To Do
- I Guess That Really Was The Last Time
- If You Gotta Go, Go Now
- Those Fine And Good Blues
- I'll Be Satisified
- RIver Rushing Through My Heart
- When I Fall In Love Again
- Providence Rain
- In Duer Time - MusicBoxPete



A Banner Day 
(Release date: June 26th, 2015)

1. In Due Time
2. Brush It Off, Henry
3. Kelly Green
4. How You Love Me
5. Sparrows
6. Like We Used To Do
7. I Guess That Really Was the Last Time 
8. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
9. Those Fine and Good Blues
10. I'll Be Satisfied
11. River Rushing Through My Heart
12. When I Fall in Love Again
13. Providence Rain
14. In Duer Time


"I Guess That Really Was the Last Time" (Release date: July 13, 2014)



Andy Newton is a singer-songwriter and recording artist. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Andy first began to compose tunes in college as a means, in the great tradition of songwriters before him, to whine about girls. Now whining about girls is just one of a multitude of themes in Andy’s work.

Penning melodies was merely a hobby for Andy in school, until, on a dare, he enrolled in musical theater songwriting classes. Honing his skills as a songwriter - learning how to build a sense of mood, voice, and narrative into a tune; how to link melody with lyrics; how to avoid "throwaway rhymes" - his passion grew. 

After college, in search of direction, Andy moved to LA and started a PhD program in Italian literature. Immersed in the arts, Andy found new inspiration for his songwriting in the great poems and novels he read. Discovering academia was not for him, however, Andy left the program after two years and moved to the Boston area to focus on music.

Andy’s debut album, A Banner Day, was released June 26, 2015. This Americana-Rock foray offers a freewheeling, soulful round of the joys, frustrations, and sorrows that the novelty of youth renders so unforgettable – first loves, first heartbreaks, first intimacies, first corporate jobs – a stirring series of hard lessons and fast pleasures that altogether truly comprise a banner day.

In live venues, Andy performs with his backing group, The Andy Newton Band, and as a solo acoustic act.

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