The lyrics are simple, uncomplicated and uncompromising, glorifying God and just telling it the way it is and how I felt when I wrote them. It's groovy, with a Cape Town jazz and alternative influences.


A couple of years ago, every Friday afternoon, I'd walk across a huge golf field on my way to a waitering job. It's here where I'd start singing new songs, developing melodies and tunes as I went along to pass the time.

Time passed. Tough choices were made and circumstances developed, BUT finally I can now do something with the songs that have been locked in my heart.

Join me on a journey as I publish new songs penned.

Listen to demo versions of the songs here.


Simply Awesome

Written By: Andre Daniels

In a moment of time
Everything is working for the good of Your name
Everything is working for the grace of Your love
For the time of Your being

You are simply awesome
You are simply great
You take my hand in Your hand
And lead me to a better place

Your awesome power, Is working for the good of man
And Your awesome grace,
Makes everything turn out alright
So I know that You there, I know that You care

Chorus x2

If it wasn’t for You, What would I do
If it wasn’t for Your Son, Where would I be

Chorus x2

A better place
A better place I know

One Dream

Written By: Andre Daniels

Listen to me my friend
There’s something wrong I have to share
If you’re listening over here
If you’re tired and need the truth

One Dream to take us
To where we want to be, oh yeah
One hope, to conquer all,
To lead us to the place of peace
God’s love shared and our hope
Conquering the world

There was a time and a place
It’s coming back, it’s our saving grace
If you’re listening over here
Let’s be strong in all our prayers

Oh my gosh

Written By: Andre Daniels

Oh my gosh
What am I gonna do
To get out of this zoo
They call the crazy world
Oh my gosh
Isn’t it just crazy
Out of all of this maybe
We could save a few

Freaky postman knocks at the door
Mother nature sends a hailstorm (yeah yeah)
Daddy’s crying cause (we) he lost the game
Mama’s trying to hide her [shame]


People doing the same old thing
Day to day, yeah yeah
People doing the same old thing
Year to year, what am I to do



"Simply Awesome Instrumental" is on Radio CCFM 107.5FM playlist - go to for streaming audio.
Songs written and available at SonicBids:
- Simply Awesome
- One Dream
- Oh my gosh (still to upload)
- Turn to You (still to upload)

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