Indie, pop, rock, great lyrics and music-fun to listen to as well as people can relate to these songs and will want to hear them again and again


I graduated with a BA in music. I toured the western US and Canada in cover bands. I listen to all kinds of bands. I love Indie music as it is unique but I also like the drive of Rock, the punch of Pop and the soul of Country music. So I am influenced by life. Each song tells a story you will want to hear and creates a beat you will want to dance to or just enjoy listening to.


I just released my debut album, "Don't Put Me in a Box", available on most online retailers including, CD Baby, iTunes, etc. I have sold singles on my Christmas songs, over 5,000 units. Prior to this it was all cover material. This is my first complete CD with my music.

Set List

Typically I did four 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks. Don't Put Me in a Box, Diane, Muscle, Your Love, Conquer the World, Lead Me On, Finally Together, Turn It Off, Together On Borrowed Time, Bella, Home is the American Dream, Silent Heart, Me Estoy Divirtiendo (I'm Having Fun) and many more.