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The best kept secret in music


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Self titled EP -2002, Where the Sun Don't Shine- 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Straight from the empty streets of Port Matilda, the hillbilly suburb of a completely non-urban central PA college town; the two members of Andy&Me come shrieking like a phoenix doused in gasoline, with one mission only: to show you their rock (and underwear). Claiming to have created a genre of music known simply as 'acoustic robot indie-core' the band describes themselves as "reeking of honesty".

Andy&Me's sound makes it clear that these two post-pubescent boys have a passion for what they are doing. "We're not trying to be pioneers here," says Aaron Guzik, 50% of the neurotic/enigmatic/erotic duo. "Rock and roll is about writing what you know, doing what you love, and nothing more. Except tight t-shirts. And free money." It's clear that the group's ideals shine through ( in sort of a translucent [like unclarified butter] way) the current wasteland of soulless radio rock-garbage cookie cutter dump. But how did it all start?

The story of Andy&Me begins in the year nineteen-hundred and ninety-six. The duo's first collision took place in a hallway of Park Forest Middle school, when Aaron literally ran full speed into Andy Schulz while doing his trademark "monkey dance." From that first meeting, it was apparent there was something beneath this chance encounter. Andy and Aaron became an inseparable criminal force, fueled by the Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Bush, 311, hanging out at the pool, and stealing cars. The duo's manager and best friend, Joseph R. Sanchez, recalls the energy of the two lads before they directed it into music: "They was always hanging around my store, you know? Trying to sing, play, and touch people. I would yell, 'Go home, you little *#@&s! You're ruining my business!' They couldn't even get the words right to the songs on the radio. Those kids was going nowhere."

Thankfully, Aaron and Andy both learned how to pick up a guitar. Seven years of writing songs, gathering ideas, and drag-racing mopeds proved to be just the right ingredients in this spicy rock and roll jambalaya . In the summer 2002, Andy&Me released a three-song "Self titled EP", featuring; Firebomb Hotel, Quarter From You, and 3rd Song. Somehow managing to keep their acts together through their junior year of college, Andy&Me released "Where the Sun Don't Shine," their explosive full length monstrosity, in the bare end of November 2003. The long-awaited purging of emotions on the album was inspired by ups and downs in both members' lives, and just the right amount of high-seas pillaging. The album features re-recordings of the songs from the EP, and spankin' new tunes. The gents sought the added musical talents of longtime friends Ethan Margolis and Geoff Guillard in order to up the bracket (using the parlance of our time) on the album . Equally as astounding as the music is W.T.S.D.S.'s cover art, done by the duo's close friend and graphic design extraordinaire, n8-bot.

Most recently Aaron and Andy have both graduated university! With school out of the way the two Gentiles have moved to Boston MA to continue their persuit of face melting through music, with Geoff and Brian Padavic. They are currently playing in and around the Northeast with goals of showing EUrope and Japan their sensible brand of Rock and Roll!