Andy and Ariana

Andy and Ariana

 Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CAN

Andy & Ariana (f/k/a t@b) could be called a folk music duet. They play original, acoustic music with guitar, fiddle, and two voices. But that's the tip of the iceberg. While Ariana sings jazzy melodies and plays reggae fiddle, Andy beat-boxes a bass line, plays guitar, and operates a kick/hi-hat.


Andy & Ariana (formerly known as t@b) have been writing, playing and performing together since 1998. They have released 6 CDs and an "extremely entertaining" live concert DVD over the last 12 years. Their most recent release "Look at them Apples" was a live CD containing 7 A&A originals and 7 songs written by musical friends.
They are currently working on an original CD which will be released in October of 2010. This will be a vocal roots/world/jazz infusion, involving several additional Nova Scotian musicians.



Written By: Andy Flinn

When they roam, guitar boys back home
follow the flow, the joys, running after
floating toys, the noise they make today,
is shaped by lake and ocean, biggest stash of
precious potion. Liquid, all in in motion, circling
my veins, the lanes that carry, cherry color fluid,
love color, holler after me....

Water! Without it no son, without it, no daughter
Water! Without it no love, without it no life
Water! Without it no hubby, without it no wife
Water! Without it no shower, without it no flower
Water! Without it no breath, no food to devour...

Check out the flower, towering clouds, graceful deer,
tasteful beer, laughter, cheer, all our dreaming, freezing,
steaming, growing, flowing, dipping bodies, tripping, shipping
Think of the ice, carrots and rice, and nothing but one thing
will suffice....

You need
Water! For living, and Water! For growing, and
Water! For raining, and Water! For snowing, and
Water! For breathing, and Water! For drinking, and
Water! For working, and Water! For thinking, and
Water! For feeding, and Water! For, breeding, and
Water! For cleaning, and Water! For greening.

Water! In sprouts, and Water! In cherries, and
Water! In nuts, and Water! In berries, and
Water! In fishies, and Water! In birds, and
Water! In blossoms, and Water! In turds, and
Water! In plummers, and Water! In drummers

On the Verge

Written By: Andy Flinn

I wanna saw on my fiddle, wanna play in the middle of Main St., I wanna dance with the double bass, boogie down the dinner place, mandolin, smiling face, dress up my guitar in a purple suit of lace, I wanna get down, funky town, spread some music all around. Fill my sweety’s ear with a song of love so dear, sing it three times in a row, play a sitar with a bow. CHORUS: I’m almost on the brink of being on the verge of being very nearly close to bordering on the edge of doing what I really wanna do. I wanna see another sea, wanna be a better me, wanna plant a little pot full of flowers and a lot of other things. I wanna drink from a bowl with the mate of my soul, wanna pledge my heart, start something pretty and enjoy all the nitty gritty details of my life. Take the opportunity and be as happy as I have a chance to be. CHORUS
I wanna dress up like a monkey, or perhaps a donkey wanna have a birthday cake with berries and some candles and some cherries and some whipped cream, chocolate flakes and I LOVE YOU written in big letters on the top, not from the shop. A Susu style special treat, something that I love, really love to eat, wanna eat to the tune of my spoon clacking on my plate, with my sweety, in a nice room. CHORUS


2009 - Look at them Apples CD
2008 - New Teeth on Stage CD
2007 - t@b Live at the Whittle DVD
2007 - Thugs at Bay CD
2006 - A Canadian in Berlin CD
2000 - Tic-Tac, The Timepiece CD
1999 - Squirrel Pools CD

Set List

We play primarily original material which varies in style and includes elements of Roots, World and Jazz music and is performed with lots of energy.

Normally we like to include really cool songs written by other musicians we know and occasionally throw in an old jazz standard as well.