Andy Berman and Black Cloud

Andy Berman and Black Cloud


Our music is centered around improvisation and grooving. We mix elements of rock, funk, jazz and other styles. It's a personal style my band has and we enjoy laying it down for an audience.


Andy Berman has been performing professionally and formulating his musical style since he was a teenager. He drew on his many musical influences(Jimi Hendrix, hiphop, dub, funk, fusion, and just about everything else) to help fuse his own unique style. At Berklee School of Music in Boston, he met the people with whom he would form his band; bassist/multiple endorsee Evan Marien and drummer/clinician Devin Collins. They drew on the training that Berklee provided in older styles, but also assimilated the elements unique to their generation; taking cues from contemporary electronic music, hiphop, etc. The band gigged all over the Boston area and has recorded their first record, due out for a fall/winter 2009 release. The music of Black Cloud is surely something different, innovative, but accessible and well worth hearing.


Our first record is on the way and will be out sometime in fall/winter 2009. You can hear tracks from the band at

Set List

Our set list usually consists of around 8 songs and lasts from 45 minutes to up to over an hour. Our music is all original. Here's a list of our songs.
In motion
Break it Apart