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Where I Live

Written By: Andrew Schwartz

It a garage situation, out here in the sticks.
The brights lights of the city are calling.
The sparkles beckon, on the horizon
Many a man, with many a dream is lost in the suburbs or so it seems.

Where I Live
Offers no direction
Where I Live
Shopping centre car park
Champion the sons who dared step forth
Pass the buck don't try your luck

Making plans out here
Is swimming against the tide
Fish will swim, as long as the river runs
Is everybody here, is everybody lost at sea?
Culture is dry as a blinding fury
Blows up in the desert of mediocrity


I'm pulling up anchor here soon
There's nothing to make me stay
The hot westerlys hit around Christmas
Serve to remind me that I know this place to well...

Got to find your something
Can be nothing at all
Could be just standing there on a street corner
Feeling like your six feet tall
Looking so fine
Got a girl on your mind
just inches from reality and you just gotta laugh

Don't Need You

Written By: Andrew Schwartz

Never thought that a road
Could make me feel this way
I'm driving in my car
Wish I could turn it round the other way
But I got to be strong
I got to fight it out
this bad blues I got
So if your having drinks
Include me in the next shout

The new things that you find from day to day
Are so much better than a memory

I don't need you
No, I don't need you
And lately I've been searching for the truth
And the truth I found says I don't need you around.

I gotta keep this short
I'll keep moving on
I'm motivatin' down life's road
your just a pedestrian
You're walking in slow motion
you avoid the sun
And there's nothing in this life that says I gotta look after anything but number one

Factions in my mind
Deliberate and chart
But I know deep, deep within my heart


Rocket Ship

Written By: Andrew Schwartz

I don't have reason to feel
any better than this
It was magical the day we talked
and walked across harbour bridge

I never felt the summer sunshine til she finally came my way...

It felt like a trip in a Rocket Ship
Taking us from this earth
It's hard to know the touch
til you feel the rush
of your rocket love, baby
I'm your man

I don't want to complicate things if you want to take it slow
'Cause in the moment that captures the point of no return between two people, you ought to know
Some things in life only happen once
And it's ok, if we take a chance


There's love if you want it
Baby you've captured me
Baby can't you see that I
been waiting for so long
Someone like you to come along....

I never felt the summer sunshine
til she finally came my way..