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Warrenton, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Warrenton, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"New Music - Too Proud To Whitewash Too Poor To Paint"

Nov. 16, 2008

Fans of Alternative Country / Americana music- will find a lot to like on Andy Budd’s latest CD , “Too Proud To Whitewash – Too Poor To Paint.” The words are smart, the rhythms compelling, and folks will be humming the tunes of many of the songs for days after hearing Andy’s latest.
Like Andy’s first CD, “Saints and Scoundrels” which came out in 2006, “Too Proud To Whitewash – Too Poor To Paint” includes several songs that are autobiographical in nature, Most notably track 3 - "This Crazy Dream." Andy’s “crazy dream” for 30 years has been to become a familiar singing voice on the airwaves; but fear of taking the risk and leaving his “safe familiar path” has kept him from chasing his dream – until now.
In “Another Fall from Grace,” Andy expands on how tough the “money driven” music industry can be on artists who want to write and sing in their own style, but are left behind by fickle trends and fads. Take heart. As he says, “It’s better to be a used-to-be than to die a never-was.”
Not shy about commenting on those modern trends and fads, Andy skewers the pop culture embraced by the television networks on “I Can’t Watch My TV Anymore,” and debunks the drama and negativity so often seen in others on “No Cause for Singing the Blues.” As he optimistically sings on that track, “The path that I follow is filled with tomorrows.”
In a similar vein, on “Too Poor to Paint,” Andy describes the travails of a foolish man who has chosen to live way beyond his means in pungent, believable terms. No doubt, listeners will pick up on two colorful phrases in the song, “too proud to whitewash, too poor to paint,” and “all hat, no cattle,” and what they convey, and will use them to describe other people they know in similar situations.
Three songs in particular show how Andy has expanded his songwriting horizons on this latest CD. “Time Won’t Do It for Me” blends a country beat with folk, reminiscent of the intonations of Gordon Lightfoot. It is a beautiful song that makes a simple statement: his heart is broken, and will never heal. On “Don't Bother Calling,” Andy tells of the painful break-up of a 20-year friendship.
If those two songs are vague about how the singer/writer came to those points in his life, the track “Matthew 5:16” is quite clear. Believing that one has not become the man his adored father was is a recurring burden for many sons, and it happens just about every other generation or so. Andy’s father was a warrior - a decorated career Marine officer - who took a path Andy did not follow. Only after the truth is revealed in scripture does he learn that “There’s a different mission here on earth for every mortal man, and to be the man your father was is not part of the plan.” On all three of these tracks, the band and singers do an outstanding job, adding depth and feeling to Andy’s words.
Of course, not all of the songs on “Too Proud To Whitewash – Too Poor To Paint” are serious. Andy has a lot of fun with the rollicking “Jimmy Buffett for President” (also released on a single), “Have I Got a Deal 4 U,” and “Take Me Back to Mayberry,” a nostalgic return to the rural Southern village that was the scene of the Andy Griffith Show of the 1960s. We get it!
With its wide range of message and melody, “Too Proud To Whitewash – Too Poor To Paint” should score well on the Alt. Country scene. It is already one of my favorites, and belongs in your music collection as well. “Too Proud To Whitewash – Too Poor To Paint” will be available in November through, itunes and other online retailers.
- John Toler - Times Community Newspapers

"New Music - Saints & Scoundrels"

Artist: Andy Budd

CD: Saints and Scoundrels

Home: Virginia

Style: Country

Quote: "Andy Budd's album is an enjoyable and fun slice of country with a lot of wisdom thrown in."

By Jana Pochop

Andy Budd sounds like the kind of seasoned and hardcore honky-tonker you run into at the side door of a club because he's taking a breather in the middle of a 4-hour set before he has to drive across the state for another gig the next night ... all while keeping his Wranglers starched and his boots shined. Budd has lived quite the life and it shows through his music. The aptly-named Saints and Scoundrels takes the listener through Budd's examination of all those characters he's met in life and at all those clubs he gigs at, and it does so in a very personal way.

Saints and Scoundrels kicks off with "Full Speed Ahead," a toe-tapping tune that sets up Budd's philosophy of life. The resounding line throughout is, "I'd rather live one day like a lion than a thousand days like a sheep." The whole CD is peppered with some tasty steel guitar licks from Bruce Hoffman and fiddle from Wayne Massengale , evident on "The Day I Said Goodbye" and "Redneck Heaven." Budd's sense of humor also shows up during "Redneck Heaven" - a western swing influenced tune, but his clever witticisms pop up all over this album and it keeps listeners on their toes. Lines like "I've got them Nashville shut-down, busted ego blues; He said you ain't good enough to swim in this talent pool," are ironically ... very Nashville. It works well.

Budd's themes drift from character story-songs (Redneck Heaven) to personal autobiography, like the chorus to "What Would I Do Without the Music":

Stress and worry become strangers
I regain my sanity
Better than Prozac or alcohol
The music is my therapy ...

It all adds up to an interesting collection of life from Budd's perspective. The album winds up with a critique of roadside America, "Anytown USA." "Wendy's, Outback and Applebee's; an IHOP, a Dominos, and KFC. Mickey D's, Long John Silver's and Family Tree. Some are so blind they just can't see, looks like suburban sprawl to me." Who hasn't thought that when driving on I-AnyNumber? "This little town's not ours anymore, it belongs to all those big chain stores." Andy Budd's album is an enjoyable and fun slice of country with a lot of wisdom thrown in. - Indie Music Magazine

"CD Baby - Saints & Scoundrels"

“Andy Budd, singer, songwriter extraordinaire. Thirteen original, real good, feel good songs that soothe the soul and puts a smile on my face.” - Lyle Thompson, Austin, TX

Andy, I am so impressed with your "Saints & Scoundrels" CD! I can't stop playing it! 13 songs that touch every human emotion. More please! Allan Stukel, Fairfax, VA

“Andy Budd's musical style is distinctive yet familiar--perhaps because it is intensely personal while reflecting experiences shared in common with his listeners. The myriad of adventures Andy has had and continues to live have brought meaning and a depth of understanding to life that comes through clearly in his lyrics. The strong influence of family and friends, the value of commitment to God and country, the obligation to share one's gifts and the importance of living life to the full are unmistakable. "Saints and Scoundrels" is an impressive debut with all the heart and soul of country music. Every song on the CD stays with you long after the final track is played.” Melissa Bosso, Springfield, MO

“…a very refreshing album. It's obviously comes from the heart and many personal experiences. What makes it unique, I think everyone can recall similar times in their lives when they knew their lives were changing courses, losing loved ones, and feeling high as the result of hard work and accomplishment. I still especially like the Cold November Morning song. I've listened to the CD many, many times and every time I hear (or think of) something I missed before. Great music and lyrics.” Bill Long, Woodbridge, VA

“WOW! I love this CD. Hearing bits and pieces of some of the songs over the last year or two whet my appetite for more. “Saints & Scoundrels” definitely delivers the full course! Your life is in your songs and your songs are full of life. Amazing! I am in awe of your latest accomplishment. Not only do your songs cause me to reflect on my own life (you know, the lion and the sheep thing), but staff at my office who have heard your songs can relate to them as well. I think you have some real hits here. Melissa and I will continue to be your greatest fans. Your music has stimulated me to dust off what musical talent might be in me and go for a "fix" too.” Dan – Springfield, MO

“I laughed and cried listening to your CD - PLEASE make more. I absolutely love listening to you and can't find the right words to express the feelings I had with each song. You are a wonderful writer!” – June Wrenn – Vienna, VA

“this CD is AWESOME! the words are heartfelt, and it stirs just about every emotion. I would highly recommend it!!” – Paula Hensley – Centreville, VA
- CD Baby Reviews


Too Proud To Whitewash - Too Poor To Paint (2008)
01) No Cause For Singin' The Blues
02) Time Won't Do It For Me
03) This Crazy Dream
04) Jimmy Buffett For President
05) Take Me Back To Mayberry
06) Another Fall From Grace
07) Have I Got A Deal For You
08) Too Proud To Whitewash-Too Poor To Paint
09) Don't Bother Calling
10) Can't Watch My TV Anymore
11) Matthew 5:16

Saints and Scoundrels (2007)
Track Titles
01) Full Speed Ahead
02) The Day I Said Goodbye
03) Redneck Heaven
04) Saints and Scoundrels
05) Farewell To A Friend
06) Dues I Paid
07) Nashville Shutdown Busted Ego Blues
08) What Would I Do Without The Music
09) Legal Lunacy
10) Everything I Really Need I Already Have(Paula Wilhite -Vocals)
11) Leavin' Las Vegas Blues
12) A Cold November Morning
13) Anytown U.S.A.



Son of a U. S. Marine, Andy has lived all over the country. His experiences growing up in Southern California, Kansas, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia give him a unique view of the world that is reflected in his songwriting. Finally settling in Virginia, Andy began playing in local bars and pubs in his teenage years, then gave up the music business for to pursue a career in the automobile business. Fast forward a few years and after achieving a reasonable degree of success in his career, Andy picked up his music career again in 2007 with his debut CD "Saints and Scoundrels" and has just released his 2nd CD "Too Proud To Whitewash, Too Poor To Paint"