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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Electronic Indie




"Andy Clockwise & Stella Mozgawa release "Open Relationship""

Premiere: Swipe Right On Andy Clockwise & Stella Warpaint’s ‘Open Relationship’
Even if your status is “it’s complicated,” anyone can get down to Andy Clockwise’s new jam “Open Relationship,” featuring Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. The duo taps into the louche swagger of Suede and Roxy Music as their voices playfully duel over a rippling bassline. The Hollywood-via-Sydney, Australia artist knows his way around an irresistible groove, and bringing his former tour-mate on board is a welcome addition. “Open Relationship” is here to tide fans over until Andy Clockwise releases a new EP this fall, following last year’s Dancing World. Listen to “Open Relationship” below and follow Andy Clockwise on Facebook and Twitter for more. - The Wild Magazine


Though he began with a vision to recreate a '90s R&B-style video on a faux New York street, L.A.-based musical artist Andy Clockwise's video for "Open Relationship" is far from his original thought. In collaboration with Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa, Clockwise created a synthy eight-minute long song ("it was quick to write and record, then a pain in the Ringo Starr to finish"), but an even more intriguing video. The two wear matching tracksuits in hilarious and, at many times, awkward situations.

"Stella and I sat down and talked about small vignettes of visual paintings that had symbolism, but no overt narrative," Clockwise explains. "We wrote down a big list, the more ridiculous the better, and we went from there."

Throughout the video, which we are happy to premiere here, Clockwise (neé Andy Kelly) and Mozgawa appear alongside friends and extras in scenes that range from horse stables, to old men sitting in the corner of a backyard pool, a cult worshipping in the desert, a petting zoo, and a kitschy home fit for Miami. "My friend is also a big Kenneth Anger fan and started playing a lot of his film as well as Jodorowsky footage," Clockwise says. "The cult scenes were a more light hearted direct influence from those films." Filming took more than a month, because "we had to sneak some celebrity's horse out of a stable while they weren't there; we had to film at the bat caves in L.A. when the rangers weren't around on the hottest day of the year; we had to jump our friend's fence to film at his pool because he forgot he was going to be out of town," he continues. Clockwise spent yet another month at his parents' "farm in the bush in Australia" editing the footage on his laptop.
Sonically, the song sounds like LCD Soundsystem-meets-'80s disco and funk, but lyrically, it enters a more modern era through the omnipresent idea of open relationships. "But baby / Please don't go away / I want a real relationship," Clockwise sings before Mozgawa goes on, "Baby that's not my thing / because I like the ding-a-ling / Plus I'm in so many relationships." Clockwise immediately continues, "But baby, this shit is driving me crazy / because every time you take a guy / I ask myself why I agreed to an open relationship."

The song was inspired by a true story from one of Clockwise's friends. "He talked to his lady, who wasn't too interested in being involved in an open relationship, but she said okay," Clockwise explains. "Then he kind of got left behind! I thought it was a great fable in lessons of ‘be careful what you wish for.'" When it comes to the musician's own views on open relationships, "Whatever floats your boat, whatever gets you through the night," he says. "The world doesn't need more rules and judgment at this time, wouldn't you think? Go for it everybody! Go for it, Andy!" But then with a laugh, he quickly adds, "My girlfriend's going to slap me." - Interview Magazine

"High Voltage Magazine Video of The Week"

The Who: Andy Clockwise (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: Andy Clockwise is a man of creativity, craft and charisma with a dose of cooler than you. One of our favorite locals, the Los Angeles resident by way of Sydney, Australia is a fixture on LA’s frenetic musical landscape yet he stands out among the crowd. Why? See his latest video for this staple Clockwise jam: “Open Relationship.” Progressive, you say? Indeed. And along with longtime pal, drummer and fellow Aussie, Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa, this video is a schizophrenic, freaky and fun disco trip through their ‘open relationship’. Oh look: Stella on a horse.

The Where: In order to keep up with Mr. Clockwise, find him at his official website, Facebook and at @AndyClockwise on Twitter. - High Voltage Magazine

"Show Review: Clockwise @The Echo"

Clockwise has been running circles around the LA music scene for years, and with each revolution, he garners more hardcore fans. And these fans are unique. They anticipate his taking the stage as if he’s a pastor or president, as though they know he has a message and that he’ll be delivering it like no one else can.
When I arrived at The Echo, I noticed people smoking out front, people in the back smoking, and, of course, people on the couches checking out the newbies entering the venue while, most likely, waiting to go outside and smoke. In other words, it was the usual vibe at The Echo.
Clockwise at The Echo
One difference I did notice, however, was the cultural diversity within the building. Often at LA shows, especially at this particular venue, you’ll find a lot of cool kids looking cool. But for Clockwise, the crowd was beyond cool. The people were colorful in their personalities and diverse in their attire. An array of exotic outfits and artistic heads filled the open space. And then Clockwise joined the party.
The coolest thing about the start of his set was the fact that it opened with “Circle of Life,” one of my (and I hope everyone’s) favorite Disney songs of all time. How can paying homage to The Lion King be a bad start to a set? It can’t be. It was glorious and entertaining. I love a unique act, and after the first 5 seconds of watching Clockwise’s performance, I knew I was witnessing one.
After the Lion King nostalgia, the heavy bass hit. Everyone knew it was coming and responded with dancing, singing, and even jumping around. Then his voice came in with a BOOM! Strong and classic sounding tones shot from his powerful vocal chords. His songs felt and sounded like freedom. People were moving and shaking like they were just liberated from something, as if the end of oppression was near! It was contagious.
Mr. Clockwise and his band absolutely rocked. His drummer, Stella Mozgawa (what a cool name!), played with swing and grit. She supported the backing tracks of bass and harmonies flawlessly. The fusion of her playing over tracks was actually quite sexy. There were times when Clockwise would join her on the drums, and they’d bang away together. The power between the two of them seemed to be at a climax — that is, of course, until they were joined by another guitarist/vocalist who took it to the next level.
The show climbed and climbed until the only thing left to do was jump into the audience and continue tearing it up. Which is exactly what Clockwise did. Honestly, it was some of the best crowd work I’ve ever seen. He took cymbals and drums into the congregation and made people participate in the jam like we were all in a tribe or a drum circle on the Venice boardwalk. Take your pick. Regardless, everyone felt involved, and it was great to see such humility at a place like The Echo, where many bands think they’re badass just for being there.
The guy had a great sense of humor and killer stage presence. It was a light-hearted yet deep show. Every song had as much personality as the performer himself. The stellar set made for a really hyped crowd that loved the music and participated like they were singing along to praise songs. Amen!
You need to see Clockwise. - LA Music Blog

"Clockwise New single 'Hopeless' Featuring Holly Valance And "Dancing World" EP Out July 15"

Having captivated audiences and forged a loyal supporter base spanning both Australia and the United States, Sydney bred, LA based production whiz Clockwise is set unleash his worldwide EP release Dancing World on July 15th via ABC Music. @andyclockwise

Clockwise has cultivated his craft to an adept level, evident in his prolific live performance history. Having played a supporting hand in major tours such including The Black Keys, Wolfmother, The Wailers and The Strokes' front man Julian Casablancas, the curiosity surrounding Clockwise is continuing to gain momentum internationally and here in Australia.

The EP, whilst sometimes dark in nature, shines light through on the latest upbeat single 'Hopeless', featuring the sultry vocals of Holly Valance. The eletro laden track balances Clockwise' inimitable production flavor with an equally as enticing vocal flair. Remnants of late 80s early 90s themed dance floor melodies provide a perfect backdrop to a production carefully curated by Clockwise over the last 12 months.

"I had this track kicking around for a while and thought wow, this is a little too much for me to just be on it by myself, so i thought a duet might work, I was talking to Holly (Valance) because we had been friends from Hollywood when she lived here and I thought, well maybe she might be cool with walking on the darker side of pop... Anyways she was….. We cut the song in 2 hours in my basement studio and she was awesome. She sounds as if Kate Bush was an angel and came down to tell me to stop whining."

Dancing World out digitally July 15th, 2014 via ABC Music - Art News Portal

"Q&A With self Proclaimed "Schizo Pop" Artist, CLOCKWISE"

“Dancing World” is the first single and title track from Clockwise‘s upcoming EP set for digital release on July 15th. The Dancing World EP is the first of a two-part “ode to conflict, both internal and external.”

The “Dancing World” video follows two wandering, convulsing souls through the streets, from mundane domestic rooms into dark, spinning sub-realities. A simple message echoes: keep dancing and everything’s going to be okay.

While embracing its darker notes, “Dancing World” celebrates congregation, a song both hypnotic and free. The track is now available to stream on SoundCloud along with two remixes and a unique take on The Real McCoy’s “Another Night” featuring Stella Mozgawa of indie-favorite Warpaint.

Clockwise records, performs, produces, and mixes all his records, which include the critically acclaimed Classic FM and The Socialite. A SXSW favorite, he has toured with The Black Keys, The Wailers, Julian Casablancas, The Adicts, and Warpaint.

Known for his legendary, verbose shows (think LCD Soundsystem meets Nick Cave), Clockwise has fostered a loyal international fan base and a well-deserved reputation as an artistic wunderkind of the new generation of independent musicians.

Clockwise recently concluded a sold-out month long residency at Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles and additional performances will be announced soon! You can read my review from his Sayer’s Club residency here.

All Access Music Group writer, Nicole DeRosa recently got to chat with Clockwise. Check out the Q&A here:

Andy Clockwise and guitarist in woods

How would you describe your music to those who have not had the pleasure to be introduced to your sound yet?

The best music ever made, haha. Mix Kanye, Bob Dylan, and The Cure — maybe that helps? I don’t bloody know.

Where did you grow up? How did your location influence your style?

I grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney. Growing up there was amazing as a kid, but when I hit my awkward teenage years, I found it too perfect for my stir crazy personality. It probably helped my parents sending me to boarding school because I loved that time. There was a lot of time spent by myself and in my own imagination, which to this day really forms a lot of how I feel and what interests me musically and artistically.

“Basically, I was a punk in the middle of a country club: they had champagne taste and I had a beer budget compared to the other kids. I just wanted to be someone else.”

What’s the vibe of your upcoming EP?

It is a prologue to the album, a small snippet of where I am going. I want to mix the rawness of my influences growing up with the abyss of modern music. I just know there is something deeper or unknown musically where I wanna go. Thats all I can really say about that ;)

What’s your favorite song on the EP and what was the influence?

It’s a song called War Story Part 1. It’s the last track on the EP. The influence was this: I wanted to make an Irish pub ballad about lost love sound like The Chemical Brothers.

What was the first piece of music that you fell in love with growing up?

I just had this question recently and it really took me back. The Beatles’ version of “Twist and Shout” on a 45 my dad had, and Tears For Fears’ “Shout” on my sister’s cassingle….remember them?

If you could meet any musician that isn’t alive anymore, who would it be? Why?

Don’t ever meet your idols. But if I had to, I think it would be Mozart because he sounded like a fun guy or John Lennon because he sounded like a good crack, too.
You have some great pictures on your Instagram that show your fun tour adventures.

Can you share with me any memorable stories from the road?

“We nearly got robbed by some hitchhikers on the road from Austin to Dallas once. That was memorable, but I would need 3 pages to tell you those stories. All I can say is, thank the universe for my mate Baydr and Kangaroo Pizza.”

If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

A laptop, a midi controller, and a microphone. And a lady friend, maybe, instead of the midi controller.

Andy Clockwise LiveWhat is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Eh soooooooo many funny things. I do a lot of stupid things in the middle of shows: I get stuck up on high speakers, I get my microphone tangled in the crowd, I don’t know how. A year back, I accidentally got up on a couch at The Sayers Club and I thought the crowd was really into it, but they were actually freaking out that I was stepping on a famous celebrity’s hair (celebrity will remain nameless). They were really cool about it, though.

What types of things do you do when you are not playing music?

I watch the World Cup, I box. I hang out with my always entertaining crew, who never cease to burn the candle bright. I drink lots of coffee, solve the world’s problems… Thats about it.

Do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about that you would like to share?

I’m great at sleeping.

What’s up next for you this year?

Running for Governor of California….wish me luck! - All Access Music


Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/producer Clockwise, releases ‘The Dancing World’ EP on July 15th. The exciting self-produced electronic indie pop EP, is the first of a two-part “ode to conflict, both internal and external.” Here’re ‘Dancing World’ and ‘Hopeless’ which features sultry Aussie actress/singer Holly Valance. She chose to return with the duet with “someone [she’d] been dying to work with…A living legend in LA gig/party/DJ scene.” - FAME MAGAZINE

"Download: Andy Clockwise, ‘Steam Dream’"

“I’m losing my steam,” Andy Clockwise moans with more than the requisite degree of world-weariness in his new song “Steam Dream.” Which is impossible to imagine, considering the feisty pop-rock on the L.A.-based Australian’s debut album “The Socialite.” There, Clockwise — equal parts balladeer, jester and brawler — used his hooks and humor to joust with all manner of artifice, from Hollywood’s to the heart’s. Now he is completing the follow-up, “War Stories,” and this first single, with its choral backdrop, has a widescreen feel that suggests Clockwise is gaining, rather than losing, steam. No details on the release of “War Stories” yet, but there’s another killer song we’ve heard titled “Mum We Love you,” a duet with Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa (the former drummer in his band). - Buzzbands

"Andy Clockwise Won The Roxy"

On Thursday night, September 22nd at the Roxy, charismatic swagger was welcomed back to Rock & Roll and the infamous Sunset Strip by Aussie native Andy Clockwise who mugged for the press photographers, danced dirty with his audience and reminded all of us just what good rock and roll is supposed to do: help us forget ourselves, and maybe also make us feel just a little too powerful and/or sexy for our own good.

What this reporter loves about Andy's live set is not his music, which stands out against the sonic-scape that is the LA music scene as nothing short of sublime genius nor his epically skilled band (the drummer, Jamie Douglass, deserves massive props and a generous bonus for his energetic performance from the word go, and don't even get us started on the bassist, Josh Norton's understated but emphatic delivery) nor even his ability to successfully demand engagement from his audience, which is stupefying here in the land of the LA arm-fold. What this reporter, your girl in music, loves about Andy's live set is Andy himself. Early in Thursday night's set, as Andy stared me down, his nose about 1 centimeter from my own, it occurred to your girl in music that she probably was getting from that show exactly what audiences took away from the early DOORS gigs at the Whiskey A-Go-Go down the street, some 40 years ago which propelled the band to super-stardom. Indeed the energy buzzing about the Roxy was electric, both audibly and visibly. At this point, I'd normally run through the song by song breakdown of the set, but I feel a responsibility to avoid that this time, for reasons I hope are evident in the next paragraph. Suffice it to say that Andy Clockwise is Rock & Roll's Golden God, period. The nice thing is, I sense a bit more purposeful showmanship and maturity in Andy than I suspect Jim Morrison could ever have been accused of, and am confident that he can be relied upon to stay with us for a long time to come, so we need not harbor any reservations about investing fully in his genius.

All in, the gig is destined to find its place among the many mythic concerts in the tapestry of music history. It is one of those nights that music lore is made of and, as early as a month or two from now, all Angeleno's will become what I call phantom attendees, where - like Nirvana's NYC gig just before Nevermind took off - far more people claim to have been part of the intimate crowd than the room could ever hold, let alone were actually there. I've been waiting to say that about a show since I started working in live music over 3 years ago. For those of us who were there, we'll know each other by the exhilarated energy that no doubt will spark at any mention of the night, memories of stolen hats, crouching on the Roxy's floor, losing it on command, "Don't worry, you still look cool," and finally Andy's approval ("I knew I liked you guys.") rushing back to be relived for another brief but glorious moment. Its something that words could never do justice to, that the best poser could never fake for anyone who was present, and something that one must live through to recognize as truth in another. We were there, but we don't blame you for pretending you were too. - The Examiner

"Premiere: Clockwise "Hopeless" Single"

Originally from Australia, Andy Clockwise, is a multi-instrumentalist currently posted up in Los Angeles. And with a new EP on the way titled Dancing World, his latest single is setting the tone for the entire record.
We went back and did our research on this dude and he's the real deal. With multiple releases over the past 5 years and a handful of US tours, we think this newest EP will be his biggest to-date. The lead single "Hopeless," which features Holly Valance, starts off low and builds into a real head-bobber complete with his classic indie electronic touch. The hook melody line is downright infectious and guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the remainder of your day.
Dancing World will be available July 15. Keep up with Clockwise on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. - Nylon Magazine

"Clockwise: Dancing World"

Built around a seismically shifting array of inventive musical flurry’s ”Dancing World‘ is the riveting new single from Clockwise. Led by a scintillating vocal which sounds something like TV On The Radio at their most fluid, the track is wondrously produced, throwing in all manner of striking nuances; from the piercing electronic strings that guide you in to the sudden stabs of odd quirky production that permeate throughout.

Supporting ‘Dancing World’ which, upon repeated listens, sounds more and more like on of the most impressive pop moments of the year, is this rather brilliant video which follows two lost souls pirouetting their way around LA in search of the dance until there’s nothing but the dance. Check it all out below; a genuinely formidable accomplishment. - Gold Flake Paint

"Holly Valance returns to music on Clockwise track ‘Hopeless’"

Holly Valance has made her musical comeback on a new Andy Clockwise track.

The Kiss Kiss singer announced the feature on her website, describing Clockwise as “living legend in the LA gig/party/DJ scene”. - attitude

"22 Of Our Favorite Events in LA This Week"

MUSIC: Clockwise celebrates the release of his Dancing World EP by headlining a show on Tuesday night at the Troubadour. Also on the bill are Mosco Rosco and Folk Riot. Doors at 8 pm, music at 8:30 pm. Tickets: $12 or $15 day of show - LAist

"5 Tracks You Gotta Hear – The World’s Best New Music, June 17"

Hailing from Sydney, Clockwise (formerly Andy Clockwise) has just released the track ‘Dancing World’ and is a hypnotic yet completely freeing experience to listen to. A glorious ode to internal and external conflict building in to a wonderfully layered piece of music all while spreading the message that as long as we keep dancing everything might just be alright - Vulture Magazine

"Clockwise Back on my Radar with “Dancing World”"

I remember when Clockwise went by the name Andy Clockwise and played countless shows around New South Wales in the early noughties. He disappeared from my radar, but it seems he’s been living in Los Angeles since 2007 and playing some pretty high-profile shows supporting the likes of Julian Casablancas, The Black Keys, Wolfmother, The Wailers, and INXS.
And on July 15, he’ll release a new EP Dancing World. If the title track’s any indication, it’s going to be something pretty special. The song’s got such a gorgeous pop sensibility but it’s also something really unique. Listening to it just feels good. The film clip is also stunning.
- See more at:

What a great set up for this EP, which is actually the first part of a two-part “ode to conflict, both internal and external.” To celebrate the release, Clockwise will be back on our shores for some shows later this year. Until then, we can enjoy this fabulous piece of music. - See more at: - Sounds of OZ


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from Sydney, Australia and now based in Hollywood, Andy Clockwise has become one of the most compelling artists in independent music. 2014's EP Dancing World propelled him to a new level of success in the United States and, after touring both U.S. coasts and playing music festivals nationwide, Clockwise now has his sights set on his follow-up LP, entitled War Stories.

“Suffice to say that Andy Clockwise is Rock & Roll’s Golden God. Period.”
– The Examiner

Clockwise’s first taste of success came in Australia with his debut double-album Classic FM, released through ABC/Universal, in 2006. Critics called the album “thrilling,” “ambitious,” and “unpredictable.” Its success landed him sold out headlining tours across Australia, and support slots with INXS, the Black Keys, Wolfmother, The Wailers, and Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers.

"Downright Infectious" - Nylon Magazine

After a short stint in London, Clockwise settled into his new Los Angeles home. He became immersed in the eclectic music scene. His success in Australia translated in the United States almost immediately, as he released a string of successful EPs prior to the release of his second LP The Socialite. Even prior to the album’s release, he had radio play nationwide and an opening slot for Strokes front man Julian Casablancas on his first solo tour.

"Electronic indie pop at its very best"- Vice Networks

After critical acclaim upon its release in Australia, The Socialite dropped in the U.S. in April 2011. As he does on all his releases, Andy performed, recorded, produced, and mixed the record by himself. 

"'The Socialite' sounds like refined Beck with a tad of Morrissey’s wit thrown in for good measure. This is the kind of ‘indie’ that speaks to more than just hipsters. It’s genuinely hip with a bewildering brilliance that warrants numerous listens."-- Artist Direct

The Andy Clockwise brand of indie-electro-folk is driven by soaring beats and brooding vocals, all delivered with true rock-n-roll attitude. In support of "Dancing World", Clockwise has been touring extensively, hitting Australia, East and West Coast, and SXSW. Famed rock radio station KROQ-FM was very supportive of the EP with steady airplay and sponsored live shows, all garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews.

“Clockwise is very unlike much of what we’re seeing in current dance music ... He is refreshingly soulful and experimental.” – Vulture

The EP’s lead single “Dancing World” has been circulating on specialty radio including KROQ, KCRW and 98.7 in Los Angeles. The second single, 'Hopeless' features well-known artist Holly Valance and has been garnering great press and buzz in the U.S. as well as in the UK, receiving international coverage on The Guardian, The Daily Mail and Digital Spy.

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