Andy Cook and The Wanderloons

Andy Cook and The Wanderloons

 Oberlin, Ohio, USA

The sound of Andy Cook and the Wander Loons is best described as a blend of the melodic strength of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon with the intriguing creativeness and pop sensibility of The Beatles’ Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Mother Loon is a brave old soul,
She cradles her son in a wise wooden bowl.
She trained him to sing and gifted him candy,
She last-named him Cook
And first-named him Andy.

She sang to her children like water to seed
Lyrics of clouds reflecting the sea
She brewed them the finest of sweet melody
And taught them of verse and wise poetry.

And when they got old enough to sing songs
She gave them all instruments
To play right along.

They practiced all day
To make sure it was right
They even rehearsed
In their dreams at night.

Their songs they were good
And their talent it showed
It was time for these Loons
To Wander the road.

And now Andy sings
With his Wandering Loons
They play for the sun and the stars and the moon.
And most who have heard
Will surely agree
These birds are the bestest you ever did see!


Mulberry Moon

Written By: Andy Cook

I was on your ceiling for most of last night
With a mind for the troubled thoughts in my life
And the sound of you sleeping was filling the room
My hands were anxiously not all over you
Seems like you still sleep well when you can't choose between me and the Mulberry Moon

In the morning I awoke in sober pain
But I lay still inside my brain
And you placed fresh berries on my lips
The sweetest reminder we couldn't kiss
And I can only hope I'll see you soon under the Mulberry Moon

When I was on my way home
I couldn't see the lines in the road
And the fog looked like your face in smoke
The birds laughed like this was a joke
And then the clouds ate the sun with a spoon
And the tree's moved around me and grew
And the only time they let me see you
Was under the Mulberry Moon

When you change the world will you leave room for me?
Enough to dance around you and for you to see how much I love everything you do under the Mulberry Moon

Grow Strong

Written By: Andy Cook

There's a rusted up saw where the tree line stands and the golden morning sleeps
I learned you can't touch some things even though they make you feel weak
So you stay young like the crop this season and worry about growing strong and I'll be here waitin' for you to come home

When you come home...

There's a hole in the ceiling where the rain get's in and we don't get no sleep at night
But mama put a rag in the bottom of the pan and now we don't even have to try
And she say's you sleep long and sound little babies and daddy will fix it soon
But everybody knows that daddy's just obsessed with the moon

The light of the moon...

And there's a clearing through the trees where the tall grass meets the edge of the old reservoir
Where two silhouettes make promises of faith and make love by the light of the fire
And I stand alone by the edge of the water and ponder the sinking night
The way it falls softly in a bottle of wine

A bottle of wine...

The Tall Tale of Mrs. Lion

Written By: Andy Cook

If the night time frost should get in your room
These throws will guard and cover you
Mrs. Lion coming to carry you home
She caught us dancing in the road

If the week day sun makes you have swollen eyes
A nice straw hat will keep you in disguise
Mrs. Lion searching but you can't be found
She caught us laughing on the ground

When the colors go out I think about you
My heads in the clouds in the middle of June
and I'm walking beside you and singing a tune about how you don't notice, you're singing too

My warm breath whispers deep inside your mind for the last time
And my head gets twisted in stars
The corn fields swallow the cars
And you're in love with a ghost
But you are see through the most

Between The River and The Fire

Written By: Andy Cook

Big bands and the hard rain battle the softness of a slow moving train
leaving with your man. In walls that could breath we'd be sharing the sheets. But your man is sleeping exactly where he thinks he should be
and I am just dreaming of falling asleep next to the flowers and bees singing...

They sing,
To come alive, go on drink the water, boy
To come alive, go on drink the water
There's a blood red fire pushing towards the middle of the stream
If the water is high go on in the river
If the water is high go on in the river
There's a blood red fire pushing towards the middle of the stream
and you can sink or swim or burn or stand somewhere in between

You can spend your days believing that nothing's new under the sun
You can spend your nights reminding yourself that you're hopeless and wrong
But darling sometimes you forget about singing and dancing like no one is watching
And sometimes you forget that love is the only thing new under the sun

The big bands will die out
The hard rain will stop
The slow train moves on
And we'll sleep here much longer than our bodies will stay and much after the rain

River Bones

Written By: Andy Cook

These bends are long and old
They slow your life with stones
Somebody hold these river bones before they can't find their way home

The drawn out crash of an autumn dream
From the mouth of the river to your sweet release
It ties a knot before it dies, to your heart with twine
With every thread of life

The ground is flooded in your house
The dirt inside your mouth overflows and sticks to your clothes
You're holding a hammer and a tooth
A weight tied to a noose
Over you; the things that you lose
Your heart is screaming like a ghost
The things you love the most always die in your baby eyes
You trip and you shake upon your feet
You howl up at the moon in the sky with death in your eyes

And somewhere down below we sleep
And we catch our feet on the weeds
And we sway and hang in time
Until the river dies
Until the river softly dies


Through Leaves, Over Bridges
2008 CD
Andy Cook/American War Split

Sing, Dionysus!
2010 LP, CD

Set List

Grow Strong
Wind and Willow's Song Of Boats
River Bones
Chester The Dog
Mulberry Moon
My Life As A Rabbit
Tall Tale Of Mrs. Lion
Between The River And The Fire

Set length possibilities: 30-60 minutes

Havin' A Party -- Sam Cooke
Spirit In The Sky -- Norman Greenbaum
Graceland -- Paul Simon
Come See About Me -- The Supremes